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Our experimental trip to North of Vietnam

As you already know, we are based in Saigon, and we love the energy of the "city that never sleeps". However, this does not mean that we do not need to recharge our batteries from time to time in the greenery of Mekong Delta, on the beaches of Phu Quoc, or in the majestic mountains of northern Vietnam. As the busy tourist season of fall-winter 2022 is approaching, MakeYourAsia has organized a study tour to Hanoi and Sapa to relax, strengthen the bond of our internal team, and most importantly, work on improving our offers.

As the quality of our tours is the top priority, it is vital for us to keep ourselves refreshed and knowledgeable of various travel destinations. Therefore, we wanted to learn more about the corners of Vietnam where we visit less often so our travel specialists can gain hands-on experiences and prepare for even more thorough itineraries.

It was three days full of positive energy, endless learning, and hard work saturated with the beauty of nature, unforgettable flavors of North Vietnamese cuisine and the spirit of history.

We also met our trusted local guides Pham and Minh as well asthe local support team. After all, this is also the basis and responsibilities of our busines: getting to know, understanding, and regularly checking up on our local partners, local accommodations, and chosen destinations.

What's going on in the capital of Vietnam?

Adrian and Ngan showed the rest of the team the hidden valleys of ancient Hanoi – the version unknown to the eyes of most visitors. In addition, we also visited the beloved places that we usually include in our tour programs and checked how they were preparing for the upcoming tourist season. We looked at Hanoi from the perspective of a rickshaw passenger and assessed the capital’s raw beauty at the beginning of the warm Vietnamese autumn. Oh and with this opportunity, we cannot miss the oppportunity to have the iconic egg coffee and fresh bia hơi of Hanoi. We hereby confirmed that these famous delicacies taste delicious as always, the water puppet performance is super entertaining and delightful, and the Train street is functioning as usual.

MakeYourAsia North Vietnam Trip 2022 - Sapa

Green delights and relaxation in Vietnamese traditional style

In Sapa, we luckily captured the mesmerizing charm of the terraced rice fields in their most photogenic moment: just before the harvest - a real explosion of greenery. It was simply breathtaking! We also had to make sure that the Red Dao's traditional herbal bath in large wooden tubs was still incredibly relaxing after the hardship of trekking (nothing has changed!) and that an evening spent in a local village with traditional food and music is still as entertaining and uplifting (this is confirmed

Explore Northern Vietnam with us!

After a thorough inspection, we’d like to report that our guests, as always, can go with us to Vietnam’s northern region and spend time exploring the attractions we have selected, getting to know this region from the inside out, and fully soaking up its unique atmosphere.

Upon completing this trip, we are confident than ever that no matter where we go, we will always stick together. Contact us now to experience all the fun that we had!

MakeYourAsia North Vietnam Trip 2022 - Sa Pa, Vietnam

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