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Bali Entry Regulations

(Updated November 20th, 2023)

Bali authorities have eased entrance regulations as visitors are not required to take RT-PCR tests or present vaccination certificates prior to their departure. Health insurance covering COVID-19 treatment and evacuation is also lifted from entry requirements. Furthermore, no longer will arriving tourists have to quarantine, and fully vaccinated individuals are exempted from proving that they are free of disease before entering Bali.

As of 23 September 2022, visa-on-arrival is available for nationals from 86 different countries who arrive directly in Bali (you can find the list here). All other travelers still need a Visit Visa B211A. Please check with your country's embassy regarding entry requirements. Visitors also need a proof of onward travel from Indonesia, i.e. return flight ticket. Make sure to check out the details below before booking your flight. With the country is aiming to boost toursim, more and more airlines are gradually including Bali into their schedules again. Check out our guide to the best time to visit this tropical paradise and blog articles about Indonesia's rich cultural heritage.

List of the documents required to travel to Bali:

  • Valid Passport
  • B211A E-Visa - or cash or credit cards in case you are getting the Visa on Arrival available at some international airports
  • Return or onward ticket (which indicates the date of departure from Bali)
  • PCR test is no longer required to enter Bali if traveler is fully vaccinated, but the airlines may have different requirements regarding PCR test
  • Fill in Electronic Custom Declaration when you arrive

Step 1: Application

  • Check current visa requirements and apply for an e-visa
  • Check if your passport is valid for travel

Step 2: Pre-departure

  • Apply for a B211A E-Visa - or prepare cash or credit cards in case you are getting the Visa on Arrival
  • Take a Covid-19 PCR test if your airlines require one
  • Fill in Electronic Custom Declaration if you are arriving in Bali

Step 3: Check-In

  • Present documents required on check-in by the officials at the airport

Step 4: On Arrival

  • Comply with the provisions of the health protocol set by the Government and present documents required on arrival by the officials at the airport
  • Temperature check upon arrival in Bali and if you have COVID-19 symptoms, you have to take a PCR test

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