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Bali Entry Regulations

(Updated May 7th, 2024)

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Great news for travel enthusiasts! The stunning island of Bali has made visiting even easier by lifting several entry requirements. Say goodbye to pre-departure RT-CPR tests, vaccination certificate verifications, and health insurance mandates. But that's not all! No more quarantine is required upon arrival, and fully vaccinated individuals are exempted from providing proof of negative test results. 

Please note that starting February 14, 2024, all travelers are subject to a Bali Arrival fee of 150,000 IDR (approximately 10USD). To ensure a smooth entry experience, a one-time payment is required prior to arrival, regardless of the chosen mode of transportation (land, sea, or air). Guests can pay the fee either through the official Love Bali website or through the app. Alternatively, there is also an option to pay on the spot on arrival by credit card.

Visa-on-arrival is available for nationals from 86 different countries who arrive directly in Bali (you can find the list here). All other travelers still need a Visit Visa B211A. Please check with your country's embassy regarding entry requirements. Visitors also need a proof of onward travel from Indonesia, i.e. return flight ticket. Make sure to check out the details below before booking your flight. 

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List of the documents required to travel to Bali:

  • Valid Passport
  • B211A E-Visa - or cash or credit cards in case you are getting the Visa on Arrival available at some international airports
  • Bali Arrival Fee payment receipt
  • Return or onward ticket (which indicates the date of departure from Bali)
  • PCR test is no longer required to enter Bali if traveler is fully vaccinated, but the airlines may have different requirements regarding PCR test
  • Fill in the Electronic Custom Declaration form when you arrive

Step 1: Application

  • Check current visa requirements and apply for an e-visa
  • Check if your passport is valid for travel

Step 2: Pre-departure

  • Apply for a B211A E-Visa - or prepare cash or credit cards in case you are getting the Visa on Arrival
  • Take a Covid-19 PCR test if your airlines require one
  • Fill in Electronic Custom Declaration if you are arriving in Bali
  • Pay the Bali Arrival Fee

Step 3: Check-In

  • Present documents required on check-in by the officials at the airport

Step 4: On Arrival

  • Present Bali Arrival Fee payment receipt at checkpoint
  • Comply with the provisions of the health protocol set by the Government and present documents required on arrival by the officials at the airport
  • Temperature check upon arrival in Bali and if you have COVID-19 symptoms, you have to take a PCR test

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