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Translation & Interpretation Services

Gain access to professional translation/interpretation services between the following languages:
 Polish, Vietnamese,  and English - in any direction.

Reliable translation and interpretation assistance

MakeYourAsia’s team of translators/interpreters will help you communicate with your potential business partners effectively, resulting in the best possible terms for your trade deals. Thanks to our thorough knowledge of both Polish as well as Vietnamese business culture, our team provides an invaluable support for anyone who plans to expand their operations to Vietnam. We have a diverse experience in providing translation and interpretation services both for individuals and companies, as well as Polish and Vietnamese state agencies, in written and oral form.

Cultural differences between the Polish and the Vietnamese are reflected in the languages used by these two distinct ethnic groups. The multitude of meanings that each and every Vietnamese phrase can convey, along with the fact that it is a tonal language pose extreme difficulties for the inexperienced users of this language. Meanwhile, the intricacies of grammar and inflection of Polish language effectively prevent people for whom this language is not their mother tongue from mastering it perfectly.

It is therefore vital to exclusively use the translation and interpretation services provided by professionals, who not only gained an extensive academic knowledge and experience, but also developed an appropriate level of lingual sensitivity, so crucial for the ability of a translator/interpreter to prepare understandable and accurate translations and interpretations.

ADRIAN ZAGRODZKI, a Vietnamese – Thai Philology graduate, Institute of Linguistics, Faulty of Neophilology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. A professional translator/interpreter with over 10 years of experience.

Types of translation and interpretation services at MakeYourAsia

Choosing the services of professional translators and interpreters will help you clearly and thoroughly understand both the intentions of your potential business partners, as well as the contents of the contracts you are planning to sign.

Our team will comprehensively assist you in any translation and interpretation task during your business negotiations or company presentations; they will translate official documents and files, as well as support you during emergencies when you need an express or a specialized translation. Thanks to the expertise of our team as well as their accurate and professional translations of official documents, you will save time and money. Do not waste your time on having to re-order translations multiple times due to errors, detected by the relevant authorities only after you have already submitted your applications. Contact us and learn more.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting is the most flexible way of interpreting, appropriate for a variety of situations: business talks – private, B2B, and at trade fairs; during official speeches; as well as online meetings and negotiations.

This form of interpreting allows our professionally-trained team members not only to interpret the meaning of the words expressed by your negotiating partners, but also perceive their intentions and explain the deeper context of their statements to you.

Written translations

Translating documents is one of our specializations. We will translate all types of official letters, notices, certificates, and all other documents that you need to successfully and efficiently cooperate with your business partners.

Contact us for a quotation tailored to your needs.

Express and specialized translation services

Do you need to get a document translated ASAP? Have you just scheduled a last-minute meeting with a business partner who does not speak English? Or maybe you need to understand a specialized text from an industry periodical or a research paper?

Worry not! MakeYourAsia’s express and specialized translation service is the right choice for you. Our translators will support you during emergencies caused by the urgency or complexity of the text you require translated.

Consecutive interpretation

Get to know not only the meaning of the sentence spoken by your partners in negotiations, but also the context and the deeper meaning of their statement.

Our team members specialize in consecutive interpreting between Polish - Vietnamese - Polish. With us, you can enter business talks during trade fairs, B2B meetings, online conferences, as well as in a more private setting – during a dinner at a restaurant - with full self-confidence.

Thanks to the support of our specialists, you will understand not only the meaning of your potential partners' statements, but also their intentions and attitude towards the discussed terms of cooperation. Our interpreters will also offer hints on the best ways to respond to specific proposals and suggestions during the talks.

  • Understand not only what your interlocutors say, but also what their intentions are.
  • Negotiate the best possible contract terms.
  • Learn how to behave in specific situations during conversations, based on the cultural context.
  • Acquire the support of interpreters who live in the region and know the local realities.
  • Fully focus on the negotiations and making decisions critical for the development of your company while being certain about the quality of the interpreters’ work.

Written translations

There is a saying in Vietnamese, which roughly translates to: “Formalities above all”. It quite accurately reflects the local mindset towards the bureaucracy.

Our translators will prepare for you the most accurate, high-quality translations of various certificates, official notices, applications, and all other kinds of documents, granting you the peace of mind during taking care of your official matters. Thanks to the accurately translated documents your applications may be reviewed more quickly, as you will avoid the necessity of correcting and re-submitting the applications.

Furthermore, we care about data security and respect your right to privacy, in the context of the contents of the translated documents. Our team members strictly abide by the rule of professional secrecy. Your talks as well as the contents of your documents are safe with us.

  • Correct and punctual translations of your documents.
  • Mental comfort when dealing with official matters.
  • Confidence about the safety of the contents of your documents and talks.
  • Quotations, adjusted to the complexity of the text and your required deadline.
  • Professional translations between Polish, Vietnamese, and English.

Express and specialized translation

During emergencies, the speed of reaction and efficiency in finding solutions is what matters the most.

Have you received an unexpected invitation to business talks with a potential partner? During the preliminary talks, it just turned out that you are unable to communicate effectively with your negotiating partner? Or maybe you have found a groundbreaking article by a local researcher in your field, and you need to learn its contents as soon as possible?

We will help you in all of these cases. Thanks to the presence of our team on-site in Vietnam, we can react immediately and provide support so that your activities are never hampered by the problem of lack of proper translation.

  • Quick response to your needs in terms of time-sensitive translations.
  • Accuracy and high quality of specialized translations in numerous fields.
  • Flexibility and proper adjustment of deadlines and prices, based on your needs.
  • Punctual execution of services.
  • Self-confidence thanks to a thorough understanding of the statements and intentions of potential business partners.

Do you want to know more?

Discover the potential of Southeast Asia!

Do you want to know more?

Discover the potential of Southeast Asia!