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Discover Vietnam's natural beauty and cultural heritage on an epic motorbike adventure from North to South. With a stunning landscape of forests and mountains stretching over a thousand kilometers, Vietnam is a paradise for motorbike enthusiasts. From winding seaside routes to challenging mountain passes with countless U-turns, every turn offers a thrilling adrenaline rush. But Vietnam has much more to offer than just a wild ride. With its rich history and diverse culture, you'll have the chance to immerse yourself in a world of tradition, cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes. Don't miss your chance to experience the ultimate adventure in 2023, whether you're riding on two or four wheels. Join us for an unforgettable journey through Vietnam!

Motortour by MakeYourAsia

In collaboration with and from Poland, our travel experts at Make have created a thrilling itinerary, designed to cater to a unique set of travelers who seek a unique travel experience 'off the beaten path' through Asia. Our focus initially is on clients from the Central European market, followed by plans to expand to the US and APAC. Our goal is to provide an exceptional travel experience that is both secure and enjoyable. With this motor tour, you can discover the beauty of Vietnam at your own pace, with the freedom to adjust your itinerary from the get-go. Our commitment to a seamless and unforgettable journey ensures that you can relax and enjoy your adventure without any worries.

motor group on ferry

Our itineraries are carefully crafted to offer an authentic experience of the country, its people, culture, and most importantly - cuisine. Our motorbike tour is for 2-wheel enthusiasts, but also with options for travelers who prefer to go by minivan. Our goal is to cater to your preferred travel mode and strike a seamless balance between travel time and exploration. By doing so, we uncover the unique characteristics of each region we visit.

Our tours are available in English, Polish, and other languages. 

Vietnam Motortour by MakeYourAsia

Dates: 10.03.2023 - 24.03.2023 (15 days)
Formula: Motorcycle driver / VAN passenger / Mix
Group size: 8-16 people
Distance in total: about 2200km
The Average 1-day distance traveled: 130-150km
Type of trails: good-quality asphalt roads, low-quality asphalt roads, gravel roads
Difficulty: 3/10 easy for VAN passengers, 6/10 moderate for motorcycle drivers with min. experience of 2 years or 5000km
Price: Price and list of included services are available on the website
Reservation: You can book the tour here!

15-Day Detailed Itinerary
Day 1: Welcome to Saigon

Welcome to Saigon! On the first day of the itinerary, all of our guests arrived in this vibrant city, relaxed and unwound as we took care of everything. Join us to explore this bustling city and all it has to offer!

Day 2: Discover the scenic beauty of the Mekong Delta

Day 2 of your adventure in Vietnam starts with an exciting Mekong Delta Tour. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this stunning region, renowned for its lush greenery, picturesque waterways, and fascinating local culture. Our crew explored the local villages, interacted with the friendly residents, and got a glimpse into their way of life. As the sun sets, we were getting ready to indulge in a delicious at a local grilled restaurant, the food was mouth-watering. We enjoyed a relaxing evening with our fellow travelers as each of us savored the delectable food and soak in the warm hospitality of the locals.

Day 3: The best of Sai Gon and Cu Chi, 80 km

First, we headed out to the suburbs to explore the fascinating Cu Chi Tunnels, an elaborate network of underground tunnels used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. It was really interesting to learn about the history and significance of the tunnels as you explore the narrow passageways and hidden rooms. We had a delicious lunch at a local farm and went to pick up the bikes.

Later, we spent the rest of the day exploring the streets of downtown Saigon, where our guests discovered historical landmarks such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Independence Palace, and the Central Post Office. Imagine you taking in the sights and sounds of Saigon's vibrant culture as we make our way through the city's bustling marketplaces with us.

Day 4: Saigon - Bao Loc, 230 km

Our fellow travelers joined in a thrilling adventure as we departed from Saigon and headed east towards the off-road sections. We rode through banana plantations and small paved roads.

As we journeyed through the Bazan highland region, we couldn't help but marvel at the vibrant red dirt roads that stretched out before us. This hue is a hallmark of the area, and it's no surprise why - the rich red soil is ideal for cultivating some of the world's most exceptional coffees.

Our travels offered many opportunities to capture stunning photographs of this breathtaking landscape, showcasing the beauty of this fertile land and the passion of the farmers who cultivate it. For those seeking an extra level of excitement, we offered an optional off-road challenge.

In the afternoon, we took the 20 highway, renowned for its breathtaking scenery. Our journey led us through winding backroads, offering multiple viewpoints of the lush greenery, before crossing the La Nga Bridge and arriving at Bao Loc town. Here, we spent the night in a beautiful villa atop a hill, with panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Some of the highlights of our adventure on Day 4:

  • Banana plantations of Dong Nai
  • Dong Nai's Military Base
  • Duc Me Ta Pao catholic church
  • Bao Loc Pass
  • Dami Cafe at mountaintop
Day 5: Bao Loc - Buon Ma Thuot, 246 km

We kicked off Day 5 journey with a venture to Ta Dung - the magnificent scenery that's called the Ha Long Bay of the Central Highlands. Next, we stopped to explore a charming minority ethnic village located in Bao Loc, where you'll be greeted by breathtaking views of the valley.

After a delicious lunch overlooking the tranquil lake, we continued north and tackled some off-road challenges for adventure lovers. For those who prefer a more relaxed ride, we've got you covered. Along the way to our destination, we'd cruise through long paved routes, offering up panoramic views of vast rice fields and majestic hills in the distance.

After having reached our third stop – Nha Tho Giao Ho Kim Ngoc, a church located on top of a hill, it's time for the motorbike crew and car to go their separate ways. The car headed straight to Buon Ma Thuot city for some sightseeing and shopping, while the motorbike group embarked on an exhilarating journey through scenic backroads. Our day later came to an end in Buon Ma Thuot, where we savored a delectable dinner and enjoyed a well-deserved rest.

Day 6: Buon Ma Thuot - An Khe, 217 km

Day 6, as we left the bustling city of Buon Ma Thuot behind, we took the road less traveled towards Gia Lai province in the north-east. The journey was a refreshing change of pace as we rode through some of the most sparsely populated areas in the country, through the coffee plantations and endless rice fields. Not to mention we even came across an abandoned airport of Cheo Reo! It was a surreal experience: Our destination was so remote that it could only be described as the middle of nowhere. But there was one saving grace – a great, cultural accommodation option that we were fortunate enough to book: A Ngui K'Bang Homestay. As we continued our ride, the well-paved roads stretched out ahead of us, revealing breathtaking mountain vistas all around. It was a truly unforgettable experience.

  • Picture spot: Electric farm of Ea H'Leo
  • Stop near any coffee plantation on the way to explain about coffee growing
  • Interesting historical spot: Cheo Reo abandoned airport
  • Cultural spot: A Ngui K'Bang homestay 
motor group at Bao Loc - Bazan highland
Day 7: An Khe - Tam Thanh, 258 km

Day 7 journey was an absolute delight and one of our favorite rides of the tour! We embarked on a journey through Vi O Lak Pass, flanked by pristine rivers on one side and stunning rice fields on the other. It was unlike anything we had ever seen before - with stunning mountain passes that seemed almost too beautiful to be real. The ride also took us through vibrant, colorful farming communities in Vietnam, giving us a glimpse into the unique and fascinating way of life here. And to top it all off, we even had the chance to take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters along the way. It was truly an unforgettable experience that we will cherish forever.

As the day ended, we settled into a charming beach house found by the shore of a bohemian town. This exquisite day left an indelible mark on our memory and may easily become one of your most precious experiences from Vietnam.

  • Historic spot: Trường Sơn Đông Airport – used in the Vietnam - America war
  • Picture spot: Violak mountain pass (Vi O Lak)
Day 8: Tam Thanh – Hoi An, 170km

On the 8th day, we explored the spiritual Marble Mountains along with the various pagodas and shrines are hidden within. After a morning of sightseeing, our crew headed for Hoi An and traveled through picturesque crops and gardens whilst grazing ground for some stunning photo opportunities. Upon arriving at the stunning ancient town - a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we instantly fell in love with the vibrant lanterns and historic streets. But that's not all – we were in for a treat, indulging in some of the best food the town has to offer. Some of the highlights were:

  • Visit Marble Mountains and the Pagoda inside a cave with a big Buddha statue overlooking everyone entering
  • Have lunch in Da Nang in a beach restaurant (on their own)
  • Drive to Hoi An for a rest
  • Evening walk around Old Quarters Hotel: Hoi An Emerald
Day 9: A restful day in Hoi An

Our guests had a delightful day off in the enchanting town of Hoi An. This quaint town was once a bustling port and a cultural hub in Southeast Asia from the 15th to the 19th century. And we were fortunate enough to witness its exceptionally well-preserved state that reflects the unique cultural fusion. Today, it exudes a peaceful vibe and is a picturesque destination filled with ancient temples, vibrant lanterns, and magnificent architecture.

Day 10: Hoi An - Hue, 160 km

Day 10 marked our conquer of one of Vietnam's most iconic mountain passes, the Hai Van Pass, (Vietnamese for "Sea of Clouds Pass"). After admiring the breathtaking scenery at the pass viewpoint, we continued our journey to explore the charming fishing villages and the historic Imperial City of Hue. Along the way, we indulged in Hue's famous crispy pancakes, Banh Khoai, for a delicious lunch. To cap off our adventure, we went for a tour of the iconic Citadel of Hue and the Tu Duc tomb, the must-see attraction in this Old Capital city. That concludes in this picturesque city, leaving us with unforgettable memories of Vietnam's natural beauty and rich culture.

  • Hai Van Pass Viewpoint
  • Lang Co's bridge for scenic views of the fishermen's village
  • Dak Som Cemetery (or around Dak Som) 
  • Imperial City, King Khai Dinh Tomb - Ung Lang
Day 11: Flight to Northern Vietnam

Day 11 marks the final stretch of our epic cross-country motor tour, where we find ourselves in the vibrant Northern region of Vietnam after a flight from Hue to Hanoi. From here, we continue to embark on our adventure through the colorful and enchanting landscapes that Northern Vietnam has to offer.

Day 12: Experience the Essence of Hanoi

We were taking things a bit slowly at the Capital of Vietnam to fit in well with the local way of life. We enjoyed rickshaw rides around the Old Quarter, soaking in the special atmosphere in this antique capital. That’s not all! We also got to visit the Temple of Literature and the sacred Ngoc Son Temple in the heart of Hanoi. And of course, it’s not a visit to Hanoi without trying the famous bun cha as well as the iconic egg coffee, right? Finally, we dropped by to order Bia Hoi – the local beer corner of town for dinner to have a true taste of Northern cuisine.

Day 13: Set Sail for Paradise in Ha Long Bay

We arrived in Ha Long and boarded our luxurious 5* cruise ship at noon. Once on board, our guests were treated to stunning panoramic views of the bay and its towering limestone cliffs. Our expert guide took them on a memorable tour of the bay area, showcasing thousands of islands that made this destination so special.

Our tour members took part in a range of exciting activities, from kayaking and swimming to exploring hidden caves and fishing villages. The highlight of the tour was definitely the Bright and Dark Cave along with the scenic cruise around Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay.

Afterward, all joined together and indulged in delicious meals featuring many types of seafood and local delicacies. As the sun sets over the bay, we'll enjoy a relaxing evening on board, soaking up the tranquil atmosphere and the stunning scenery. This is sure to be a highlight of the trip to Vietnam and an experience our travellers never forget.


Day 14: Savor the Exotic at Le Mat Snake Village

After having spent the night on the cruise, we headed back to Hanoi to enjoy our glorious last day. To end this amazing trip with a bang, we went to Le Mat Snake Village to experience not only the unusual aspect of Hanoi but also taste the specialty: snake meat. Among all the different dishes we got to try in Vietnam, this dish for sure stood out to be one of the most extraordinary ones.

The motorbike tour formula

Participants reach the start point (Vietnam, Hanoi) by flight at their own expense and organization. We can provide support in the selection and purchase of airline tickets, even in group purchases - at least 10 people in a group from/to the same departure/return destination. The itinerary takes into account your needs of adventure and relaxation. We will travel along the designated route and visit prepared attractions in a group formula, for which the organizers will provide group leaders (pilots). In accordance with their own booking declaration, participants receive means of transport in the form of motorcycles or a VAN with a driver, and a service vehicle, which will also carry the luggage.

MakeYourAsia motorbike group at Hai Van Pass

The main tour leader will pair upwith an assistant-leader for each 8-16 pers on group. They are responsible for efficient organization in the group, leading the group along the designated route, following the program, communication and coordination with other groups and the organizer, translation support at tourist sites and additionally, one of them will be closing the group on the motorbikes. For their own safety, participants will move in a compact group between the leading and assisting pilots. The groups will move at their own pace with assigned leaders, and group consolidation will take place in designated places (tourist attractions, accommodation, checkpoints).

  • MakeYourAsia motorbike group
  • Hoi An Ancient Town
  • visit local neighborhoods
  • Ta Dung view
  • Motor group in Saigon
  • Central Highlands Vietnam
  • Hoi An countryside
  • Vietnam motorbike adventure
  • Vietnam beach
  • Vietnam mountain road
  • Vietnam motorbike highland exploration
  • Tam Thanh Mural Village


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