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MakeYourAsia & Motopodróżni 2022 Vietnam Motorbike Tour

MakeYourAsia & Motopodróżni 2022 Motorbike Tour Through Vietnam Recap  

The thrill of riding a motorbike across a foreign land is undeniably an unparallel experience, especially in a scenic region like Vietnam, where mountains and sea are only a pass apart, and greenery covers everywhere we set foot. You will get to witness some if not all of the most spectacular landscapes along the way and taste only the most authentic and world-renowned dishes of this land.

That’s what the riders of Vietnam motorbike tour 2022 see when they embarked on a 14-day journey with MakeYourAsia, a truly one-of-a-lifetime experience. So which view have they behold, what dishes have they tasted and what was their experience like?

Join us now on a ride down memory lane where we recap one of MakeYourAsia’s highlights of 2022.

MakeYourAsia & Motopodróżni 2022 Vietnam Motorbike Tour MakeYourAsia & Motopodróżni 2022 Vietnam Motorbike Tour
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Being On The Road 

From North To South Of Vietnam

Northern Vietnam: Hanoi - Ninh Binh - Cua Lo - Dong Hoi

Before the trip, our tour participants gathered at Hanoi for a nice dinner with Bia Hoi – a Hanoi specialty - to meet with their fellow riders and bond.

The next day, starting off at the charming city of Hanoi, the groups enjoyed their first ride in Vietnam to Ha Dong, where they visited a cultural heritage of the region – Van Phuc Silk Village – to discover the traditional silk weaving techniques and see the art behind each of the woven product.

From Ha Dong, the crew approached Ninh Binh in a 2-hour ride, where they got to see the natural beauty of Cuc Phuong National Park – Vietnam’s largest nature reserve and one of the most important biodiversity sites in the country. Afterward, our group spent the night in Ninh Binh.

MakeYourAsia & Motopodróżni 2022 Vietnam Motorbike Tour
MakeYourAsia & Motopodróżni 2022 Vietnam Motorbike Tour

Rise and shine! Our third day of the motor tour started with a picturesque ride from Ninh Binh to Cua Lo Beach - located only 18 kilometres from the heart of Vinh city. The site is widely known as one of the most stunning beaches in northern Vietnam. Our crew spent the entire day exploring this beautiful beach city while tasting its distinct seafood delicacies.

The fourth day welcomes our crew members with a spectacular ride to Dong Hoi, the capital city of Quang Binh province. Here lies the mysterious yet breath-taking Phong Nha cave which our group got to see and immerse in the view themselves. The area is distinguished by its old limestone karsts and extensive cave system in addition to the surrounding mountains, tropical woods, and underground rivers. The first four days concluded with our riders having an eyeful of what Northern Vietnam has to offer.

Central Vietnam: Hoi An – Hoai Nhon – Tuy Hoa – Cam Ranh 

The next journey in our endeavor to discover Vietnam started in Central Vietnam, specifically, the culture-rich town of Hoi An. This town is world famous for its well-preserved architecture and its history of being a melting pot port city. Here our group got to blend in the antiquity of the town while tasting its finest dishes such as Cao Lau, Com Ga, Mi Quang, etc. After the feast, they enjoyed a refined show of Hoi An history called Ky Uc Hoi An (Hoi An Memories) that were designed to reflect its flourished culture and history vividly in front of our eyes.

After Hoi An, it was our crew's time to approach Vietnam’s central coastal region where some of the most beautiful coastline passage resides. When they arrived at Hoai Nhon, they were welcomed by the freshest seafood restaurants. This destination holds the rich culinary value of the central Vietnam region which our crew endlessly indulged in.

MakeYourAsia & Motopodróżni 2022 Vietnam Motorbike Tour
MakeYourAsia & Motopodróżni 2022 Vietnam Motorbike Tour

From Hoai Nhon, the crew made their way to Tuy Hoa, another famous coastal province in Central Vietnam. Tuy Hoa also is connected with our next location – Cam Ranh - with one of the most spectacular passes in the world – Ca Pass. Our crew was awe-inspired by this passage, and we stopped for a group photo because the view is just too out of this world.

At Cam Ranh, our group also paid a visit to Dai Lanh - the easternmost point on the land of Vietnam. This destination is famously known as the place where we can catch the first sunlight every day in Vietnam. Imagine the fantastic view that you can see from this point during sunrise!

Southern Vietnam: Da Lat – Cat Tien – Sai Gon

From Cam Ranh, we rode and entered southern Vietnam with the first location of Da Lat, one of the chilliest cities in the south of the country. Being blessed with amazing weather and poetic landscape, Da Lat has long been crowned as one of the most visit-worthy cities when you visit Vietnam and our crew gets to experience it in a unique way on motorbikes. The perfect combination of the cool weather with a hot bowl of Vietnamese meatballs drowned in tomato sauce has got to be one of the most memorable highlights from this trip.

After seeing Da Lat’s most striking sceneries, our group moved to another natural wonder of Vietnam – Cat Tien National Park.

MakeYourAsia & Motopodróżni 2022 Vietnam Motorbike Tour
MakeYourAsia & Motopodróżni 2022 Vietnam Motorbike Tour

Cat Tien National Park safeguards one of the largest remaining tracts of lowland tropical forest in Vietnam, covering a total area of almost 720 square kilometers. Cat Tien National Park is a popular destination for local and international tourists as well as scientists due to its abundance of rare and endemic plant and animal species.

Once our riders finish their exploration in Cat Tien, we moved towards our final location which is the bustling and beautiful city of Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City. This is where the trail through Vietnam starting from the north ends at the center the south. Our group ended their unforgettable and emotional journey here with a dinner of local cuisine.

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