Looking to organize an incentive tour in Southeast Asia?

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Why meet in Southeast Asia?

Because it’s really amazing!

In a multitude of tropical destinations, you will find everything you need to entertain and delight. The unique diversity offers a plethora of options when it comes to selecting the perfect location and proper venue. 

You will find everything you are looking for and more: From bustling metropolises to breezy, evergreen hills and pristine beaches – all in the atmosphere of the world-renown Asian hospitality, welcoming you wherever you go.. 

With the affordable prices of local transportation, you can also consider organizing a multi-destination tour or event to reward its participants even more.

Southeast Asia’s tropical climate also opens up an array of opportunities for outdoor and off-site venues to complement and enhance your experience. The abundance of venues around each and every country will allow your guests or team members to immerse themselves in the legendary customs and cultures, adding another exciting value to their trip.

From the latest state-of-the-art facilities, such as conference and exhibition halls to wonderful theme parks, riverside, countryside and beachside locations, Southeast Asia really does have it all.

The region’s wide variety of accommodation and event venues will suit every budget and group size, at the same time ensuring professional level of services, with the venues’ staff eager to fulfill your every request.

How does the meeting industry do in SE Asia?

The Meeting, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions (MICE) sector is growing by leaps and bounds in Southeast Asia, and we are at the forefront of growth in this burgeoning industry.

MAKEYOURASIA specializes in customized start to finish event planning in some of the world’s most stunning locations. Our team has an abundance of experience in working in Southeast Asia and offers an unparalleled insight into the Meeting and Incentive sector.

We tailor every detail to our clients’ needs, transforming every event into an exclusive experience. Our relationships and experience in the region uniquely enable our team to come up with inspired, creative solutions for our customers, so they can relax and enjoy a smoothly run high-end service. Some of the major corporations for which MAKEYOURASIA has managed programs include: KOWR, Leo Burnett, Mieszko and many others.

We take business trips and integration tours to a whole new level

Check which destinations you can explore with us


    A unique pearl of Indochina

    A perfect destination for your wonderful Asian holidays, adventures, relax and… motivation!

    The Indochina is a region famous for its astonishing, tropical landscapes – not only in paradise resorts, but also in mountainous regions as well as its intriguing cities.

    All with an interesting mix of cultures and ethnicities, relics of the ancient times and unique cuisine. MAKEYOURASIA.COM will proudly guide you through this part of the world and welcome you to our country – where our headquarters is located (Ho Chi Minh City).

    Vietnam is a diverse country and thanks to that – a unique travel destination. On one hand, you can catch a glimpse of the local farmers’ everyday lives in the idyllic rural areas, on the other – immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the country’s cities, where tradition goes hand in hand with modernity.

    From the North, where juicy green rice paddies stretch to the horizon, dotted here and there with the farmers’ conical hats, through the Center, with its imperial relics and sandy beaches, to the South, where the life is focused around the waters of the great Mekong River – Vietnam is full of incredible spots and stories.

    Vietnamese beaches are considered one of the best and most interesting in South-East Asia. The aromatic, savory, local cuisine, famous for its diversity and richness is also a highlight and guarantees that every single visitor will find a dish they will surely remember.

    A friendly nation

    Vietnam is often mentioned as one of the friendliest countries in the world, i.e. by InterNations. The Vietnamese are very open and welcoming, as well as hospitable towards the foreign visitors. This is also noticeable in the level of services – waiters, hotel managers and other specialists organize and run various attractions, events and meetings with honest smiles and at a top level, always caring about customer satisfaction.


    Thanks to its location in the center of South-East Asia, Vietnam has many good airway connections to most of European and Asian countries, not only from Hanoi, but Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang as well. The number of connections to the Americas and Australia is also increasing.

    Social and environmental responsibility

    Vietnam is introducing an increasing number of social and environmental projects. The rapidly developing tourism sector is also ready for a sustainable approach. We proudly participate in this movement and cooperate with local communities, protecting the environment, heritage and local culture.

    Plan your journey with MAKEYOURASIA.COM

    Contact our team of local experts to learn about our offers and detailed itineraries, plan an event, get the most accurate information about South-East Asian destinations or simply discuss your plans and ideas. Thanks to our diverse knowledge about the most interesting places, hotels and possibilities in Vietnam, we are ready to prepare for you a professional, priceworthy, custom-tailored offer.

    Our Vietnamese highlights:

    • Cruise through the breathtaking Ha Long Bay on board of a 3, 4 or 5-star cruise ship.
    • Dine with style at an elegant restaurant, located in a cave overlooking the Ha Long Bay.
    • Trek through the mountains, surrounding Sapa and visit our friends from ethnic minorities.
    • Exciting boat trip through Trang An grottoes system.
    • Unforgettable “Day in Hanoi” – our handcrafted program, featuring culture, relax and local cuisine.
    • Military atmosphere of Cu Chi Tunnels, together with guerillas’ snacks.
    • Crazy nighttime ride through the alleyways of the City That Never Sleeps – Saigon.
    • Preparing a true, traditional, Vietnamese meal from handpicked products in Cu Chi or Hoi An.
    • Cruise through Mekong Delta canals and rivers, tasting local dishes and tropical fruits.

    Thailand – a journey to the Land of Smiles

    What is your idea for a perfect Asian trip? Sunbathing on a golden beach or an exciting trekking through a green jungle? Immersing yourself in Bangkok’s hustle and bustle or finding peace at a Buddhist temple? Are you looking for adventures, relax, new tastes or a perfect spot for a team-building event?

    Would you like to dive in azure waters, trek amid tropical surroundings, relax at a spa or maybe play some golf?

    Whatever your needs are – you can surely find everything in Thailand.

    Friendly land of omnipresent smiles

    Thailand is indisputably the most popular tourist destination in South-East Asia. Wonderful landscapes, golden beaches, delicious cuisine, impressive culture and constantly smiling people enchant the tourists.

    Here, you can find everything you need for perfect Asian holidays: Beautiful Buddhist temples, impressive tropical nature, colorful floating markets as well as paradise resorts. You can stand in awe before thousands of Buddha’s statues, surrounded by temple incense smoke; go with the flow of the crazy traffic on board of a tuk-tuk or meet face-to-face with an elephant. There are many ways to visit and explore Thailand – just choose one of our custom-tailored services and embark on a journey with us!

    Creative, flexible, top-to-bottom service from MAKEYOURASIA.COM

    Thailand is a popular, safe and accessible destination – and that comes at a price: With such a wide variety of offers, choosing a perfect one for yourself is not an easy task. You might think that everything’s already been said and done in the matter of this famous Land of a Thousand Smiles, but how not to get lost among the sea of offers and information about Thailand?

    Your own way of approaching Thailand (with a bit of our support)

    A perfect way to save yourself the trouble is hiring a trustworthy and professional guide around the region – such as MAKEYOURASIA.COM. Not only will we help you create a unique, customized itinerary, organize an event or plan team-building activities, but we will also take top-to-bottom care of all the logistics, such as transfers, entrance tickets, meals, sightseeing, entertainment as well as overnight stays.

    Asia you will crave to come back to

    Tell us what you expect from your trip to Thailand and we’ll make it come true, as supporting you in creating your own, beautiful, Asian memories is our mission. Thanks to our passion and authentic love we have for this part of the world, we are able to show you an Asia you will crave to visit again.

    What distinguishes us from other tour operators?

    Our rich experience in the field of organizing all kinds of Asian events, such as long and short trips, private and group tours, incentive and motivational events as well as business conferences and meetings guarantees high quality of our services. We always shorten the distance between clients and ourselves, promoting a friendly atmosphere of mutual understanding, all seasoned with a bit of spontaneity – everything you need to see an authentic Asia with its true colors, tastes and places, which most of tourists don’t reach.

    Are you ready to contact us and talk about your holidays in Thailand? Tell us what you need, and we will prepare for you a custom-tailored offer, which will surely satisfy your needs and wants.

    Our top Thai attractions:

    • Unforgettable day in Bangkok with our seasoned guide on our handcrafted trail through attractions, such as The Grand Palace, face to face meetings with the most important statues of Buddha and a visit to the vibrant Chinatown are only a few highlights.
    • Relax in Thai style – let us show you what “Thai Wellness and Spa” really means.
    • Thai cuisine uncovered: dine at the best local diners and food stalls, offering authentic tastes of Siam.
    • Travel by the local means of transport, such as tuk-tuks and Bangkok Water Tram.
    • Discover the mysteries of Kanchanaburi – a picturesque location, scarred by the painful times of WWII.
    • The bridge on the river Kwai and a ride on the Death Railway.
    • Meet Thai elephants, friendly coexisting with the locals.
    • Colorful floating markets – a Thai highlight and a very picturesque place.
    • Famous railway market of Mae Klong, removed from railway tracks right before the train passes through its center.
    • Thai Buddhist traditions – become a spectator during Buddhist ceremonies.
    • Secrets of Thai silk production – from the simple silkworm cocoons to Jim Thompson’s silk empire

    Indonesia – paradise beaches, best diving spots, volcanoes and Komodo dragons

    Indonesia enthrals with its rich nature and culture. This island country is very diverse, which makes it even more attractive both for individual tours as well as MICE events.

    Land of diversity

    Idyllic, golden beaches contrast with the look of the harsh, mighty volcanoes; the modern capital city hides many colonial buildings among its state-of-the-art skyscrapers; the underwater world of Bali is not only filled with colorful fish and picturesque corals, but also shipwrecks with interesting stories.

    In this intriguing land of contrasts everyone can find something that will suit their needs in order to have a perfect holiday – you only need a professional guide, who will assist you in creating the fully customized and satisfactory offer, worth its price.

    Your partner in Indonesia

    We are happy to have you here, at MAKEYOURASIA.COM, as we specialize in attractive, well-organized, top-to-bottom Asian tours and other services, which enable you to fully experience Asia’s destinations. We will gladly help you embark on your wonderful Indonesian journey and can guarantee that you will remember it for years to come.

    Although we are based in Saigon, Vietnam, we have many friends and trustworthy partners across the whole South-East Asia and constantly broaden our horizons – both in the aspect of our offers as well as knowledge. Jakarta and Bali are our top spots, as we frequently visit them, never wasting the opportunity to learn more not only about them, but about whole Indonesia as well, constantly adding more highlights to our offers.

    We like challenges

    We enjoy it when our clients challenge us, requesting the most interesting itineraries and services, enabling for our continuous development. Thanks to our guests’ requests, we had many opportunities to test ourselves out in many tourism fields, such as honeymoons, family holidays, conferences, business trips and motivational tours.

    MAKEYOURASIA.COM’s Indonesian highlights:

    • An unforgettable day in Jakarta with our handcrafted itinerary: The most atmospheric spots of Indonesian capital city, with a traditional Betawi-style lunch.
    • The mysteries of Krakatoa mini archipelago: Volcanoes and monitor lizards.
    • Delicious lunch on a beach, with the outlook on lizards lying around in the vicinity.
    • Rakata Kecil island snorkeling.
    • Krakatoa active volcano trekking.
    • Discover the beauty of Bali island.
    • Dive among many shipwrecks around Bali.
    • Exciting trek to the Mount Batur active volcano on Bali.
    • Cooking classes – home-style, Indonesian cuisine uncovered.
    • Walk through the picturesque rice fields, learn the ways of the local farmers and try out your skills while helping them.
    • Elegant dinners with local specialties and local artistic shows, presenting Indonesian culture and traditions.

    Cambodia – immerse yourself in Authentic Cambodia together with MAKEYOURASIA.COM

    Are you looking for an unforgettable Asian adventure? Have you always dreamt of seeing the majestic Angkor with your own eyes? Planning to visit Cambodia’s off the beaten track locations?

    Would you like to guarantee some new, inspiring, motivational experiences for your team? It’s all within your reach – as long as you have a trustworthy business partner in this beautiful country.

    Natural and cultural wonders of Cambodia

    The most iconic Cambodian destination is of course the ancient city of Angkor with its intricate temples, partly covered by jungle trees and vines. It certainly is a must-see destination, being a symbol of Cambodia’s most attractive highlights: Fascinating culture and breath-taking nature.

    However, Angkor is not this country’s only worthwhile spot – one should not miss the vibrant gate to Angkor – Siem Reap - with its relaxed, lazy nightlife. From there you can travel by boat to the country’s capital – Phnom Penh and then move on to all the southern Cambodia’s beach resorts, located at the shore of Gulf of Thailand.

    Why with us – MAKEYOURASIA.COM?

    We are a group of professionals and enthusiasts living in Asia, constantly exploring this continent, striving to provide our clients with new, one-of-a-kind attractions and solutions. We have an abundance of experience in organizing honeymoons, trips for groups of friends, family excursions, small and big-scale business meetings, events, conferences as well as team-building tours.

    We specialize in providing top-to-bottom services for your journey (transfers, entry tickets, hotels, sightseeing, meals and online or over-the-phone support at each stage of your project) and enabling our guests to experience the real Asia. In this case – real Cambodia. No need to worry – not only will we show you the must-see destinations; we will let you taste the authentic Cambodia – for local cuisine is always one of our highlights.

    Cambodia – for adventure and relax-seekers

    Cambodia, even though still more pristine than Thailand or Malaysia, is not in any way inferior to other Asian destinations in the context of tourism; no matter whether you are planning a family excursion or a business trip.

    Exploring ancient temples off the beaten track, visiting floating villages, riding a tuk tuk through dirt paths between rice paddies or trekking through Cambodian jungle are only one side of the coin. We might as well take you to an elegant dinner with an imperial-themed dance performance or organize a stay at one of the high-end hotels and seaside resorts with top-notch wellness offers as well as sports activities, such as golf.

    Makeyourasia.com’s Cambodian Highlights:

    • The hidden face of Angkor – the biggest archaeological treasure of Indochina; even though extremely popular, we can still show you its hidden charm, straying away from the most frequented tourist spots.
    • Angkor Wat – the most beautiful temple of Angkor – see for yourself whether we prefer to visit it at dusk or dawn.
    • Phenomenal Ta Prohm temple, where the manmade buildings became an ingrown part of the jungle.
    • Sightseeing off the beaten track – our specialty, providing you with lots of fun and information in the most exciting way of exploring the magical ambience of Angkor.
    • Imperial-themed dinner at Angkor Archaeological Park premises – enjoy savory, aromatic Khmer dishes while watching the Imperial Apsara dance performance.
    • Tuk-tuk rides – not only a way to move around, but a fun attraction on its own.
    • Local, Khmer cuisine – all meals, included in our itinerary consist of traditional, Khmer dishes – a must-try for all the foodies!
    • Other destinations – such as vibrant Siem Reap and Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh with its lavish boulevards, monuments and atmospheric temples.
    • Relax at seaside resorts – lie down on one of many south Cambodia’s beaches at the shore of Gulf of Thailand – e.g. Koh Rong or Koh Rong Sanloem).
    • Cruise – up the Mekong river from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap.

    Philippines – the isles of paradise

    Absorb the energy during an incredible adventure in the land of thousands of islands.

    The number of 7000 tropical islands can make anyone dizzy; but worry not: MAKEYOURASIA.COM - your experienced and professional guide around South-East Asia is here!

    Depending on your needs and expectations, we can take you to the vibrant Manila, white beaches of Boracay, azure waters around Palawan, chocolate hills of Bohol or juicy-green terraces of Banaue, at the same time letting you try the local cuisine and get to know the local. Not only do we specialize in organizing tours, business trips and conferences, but first and foremost – in showing you the authentic Asia.

    World’s most beautiful islands

    Luzon, Palawan, Boracay, Cebu and Bohol are some of the most popular Philippine islands, attracting guests from all over the world with their paradise beaches, tropical landscapes, majestic waterfalls and intriguing volcanic sceneries.

    Philippine islands are so diverse, that no matter what kind of activities suit you best, you will surely find something satisfactory; no matter whether you are into active holidays with swimming, surfing and hiking or more passive ones – featuring relaxing on a paradise beach – you will surely find it here!

    An unforgettable honeymoon? Diving with a group of friends? Family-style beach leisure? A business conference in Manila or a networking event in Cebu? Motivational, leisure stay with your team in a resort on Bohol? Or a team-building event during a jungle trekking on Palawan? No matter what your needs are, with our extensive range of handcrafted services, we’ve got you covered!


    We are based in Saigon, Vietnam, but we know the whole region of South-East Asia very well, as we’ve been organizing tours for our clients for years. We are constantly making new friends and business partners as well as seeking out new solutions, tourist attractions and business services for you.

    Our work is our passion and by doing it we can guarantee to show you the authentic Asia, as we see it and are impressed by it every day.

    MAKEYOURASIA.COM is not only a group of people, who fell in love with South-East Asia, but also a team of professionals, who can pride in having a wide experience in organizing individual tours and business trips – no matter the scale; we can organize both small events for groups of friends as well as international conferences and motivational trips for companies.

    Responsible tourism

    Responsible fair-play tourism, based on local communities is a part of our mission of showing you the authentic Asia. We will gladly take you for a trip using local means of transport, let you taste the ethnic cuisine at small restaurants and food stalls and enjoy the atmosphere of authentic homestays, in order to enable you to have a first-hand local experience. We always introduce some off-the-beaten-track spots into our itineraries. Even though some popular tourist spots are must-see while visiting Asia, we constantly strive to find a balance between the two. 100% customer satisfaction is a proof of our success.

    Our Philippine attractions – relax and team-building:

    • White sands of Boracay – perfect for a tropical-style relax.
    • Fascinating underwater life at the Tubbataha reef.
    • Close encounters with whale sharks.
    • Visiting the famous Chocolate Hills and learning about the origin of the name.
    • Dreamlike rice terraces in Banaue, juicy green or golden – depending on the season.
    • Learning about the ways of Filipino farmers.
    • Exciting cruise in the Puerto Princessa Subterranean River National Park.
    • Team-building events with tasks, such as looking for starfish or taking a bath in the waters of a waterfall.

    Singapore - Perfect business trip destination

    It’s hard to find a better destination for a business trip to Asia than exciting and inspiring Singapore. The city has something completely different to offer than Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia.

    Choosing to travel here, you must remember, you will arrive at a city – or a city-state, to be exact; a lively business hub with all its hustle and bustle, a lavish party spot and a breath-taking pioneer of modernity.

    Futuristic architecture, elegant restaurants, luxurious hotels, VIP-style entertainments, modern shopping malls, wide variety of wellness and spa offers, sport events, party clubs and free-access parks make Singapore the ideal spot to build business and team relations as well as motivate your employees.

    MAKEYOURASIA.COM – your travel partner

    In order to fully take advantage of Singapore’s potential and be able to concentrate on the most important things: Business, relations and relax, you will need a top-notch guide around the city’s services – and here we are! Let us take care of the transfers, sightseeing, organization of your events and conferences, meals as well as overnight stays for you.

    We are happy to help!

    Our team has a very broad experience both in organizing individual sightseeing trips as well as in MICE field, when it comes to preparing and executing tours for GIT groups. We pride in having 100% positive feedback and can guarantee that our Asian know-how, combining professionalism, authenticity and passion is what will help you in your travels.

    Destination / Excursion base

    Not only is Singapore an ideal spot for business and team-building trips, but it also works very well as a private tour destination. You can taste the “Asia in a nutshell” here and what’s more – it’s also a perfect excursion base for trips to other Asian destinations. Singapore has an abundance of air routes with most of the European and Asian countries.

    Modernity and tradition, civilization and nature – conflict or coexistence?

    Don’t be deceived by the vibrant, modern look of all the skyscrapers – Singapore doesn’t lack historical buildings and places, such as colonial architecture pieces, traditional Chinese temples or colorful localities (multi-national quarters, tasty street-food).

    You won’t lack the connection to nature either, for despite being sculpted by human hands, it is still impressive and sometimes even overwhelming; the urban planners’ fantasies made true are simply breath-taking. Most of Singapore’s must-see attractions, such as gargantuan trees, indoor waterfalls as well as gardens, located in the most unexpected places are all nature inspired.

    Singapore’s top attractions and activities:

    • Unforgettable 2 days in Singapore, spent with our trustworthy tour guide – let us show you the most interesting places in the city, even though in such a short time.
    • Picturesque gardens in the heart of the city jungle – Gardens by the Bay.
    • Impressive and contrasting colonial quarters.
    • Cruise down the river, flowing through the city center and Marina Bay.
    • Panoramic view of the city from the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands.
    • Colorful ethnic quarters: Chinese, Hindi and Arabic.
    • Cooking classes with highlights of Singaporean cuisine.
    • Evening lighting shows at Supertree Grove.
    • Boat trip to Sentosa Island.
    • Top-notch attractions of Sentosa – Singapore’s theme park.
    • Best conference and business meeting spots such as motorboats or places surrounded by nature.
    • Nothing connects people better than watching and cheering at F1 Grand Prix track in Singapore

    Malaysia – exotic land of colors, lights and contrasts

    Thinking of Malaysia, you probably imagine the twin towers of Kuala Lumpur and juicy green Borneo jungle with red-haired orangutans jumping around here and there, right? Unquestionably, those are some of the country’s iconic tourist attractions and we will not try to drag you away from them, but we will surely add many more interesting spots and activities.

    Malaysia is a great choice for travelers visiting South-East Asia for the first time. Why? Because you can experience all the “Asian” things that you might expect coming here, such as: Vibrant metropolises, lively during the day and exciting in the night; tropical naturegolden beachesazure sea waters; immersion into the exotic flora and fauna; savory cuisine and Asian culture in its many aspects.

    Business trips

    Malaysia is one of the most modern Asian countries with its extensive hotel and recreational facilities, suiting all your needs during business conferences or motivational tours. No need to limit yourself to the city and a luxurious hotel, though. If you need and want to – we can climb Mount Kinabalu, try to spot orangutans during a cruise on Kinabatangan River or dive deep into the waters, surrounding Sipadan Island together.

    Trip to Malaysia with MAKEYOURASIA.COM

    We will be honored if you choose MAKEYOURASIA.COM as your partner for the trip to the exciting Malaysia. We will plan and execute your tour, conference, motivational tour or event top-to-bottom. Whether you are planning to have an elegant dinner in Kuala Lumpur, relax on the sands of Langkawi beaches or trek through Borneo jungle – we got you covered! Let us prepare an itinerary with a cost quotation tailored to your needs and help you make your dream about Malaysia come true!

    MAKEYOURASIA.COM’s Malaysian highlights:

    • Visit Kuala Lumpur – a lively Asian metropolis as well as an intriguing land of contrasts, interesting both during the day as well as in the night.
    • Stand at the feet of Malaysia’s symbol – Petronas Twin Towers.
    • Go to the mysterious island of Langkawi – embark on a cruise through cajuput forests and see the wildlife.
    • Trek to Mount Kinabalu in Sabah state – experience the abundance and variety of the country’s nature.
    • See orangutans as well as Rafflesia – the two must-see nature highlights.
    • Visit Sarawak – the land of caves and hornbills.
    • Atmospheric Penang – travel back in time to colonial times as well as try one of the world’s best cuisines.
    • Dive into the breath-taking underwater world of Malaysian coastline, e.g. near Redang Island.

    Myanmar – discover true Asia and absorb the tranquil vibes of this destination

    Most people still imagine Myanmar to be an inaccessible country, resulting in a much lower popularity of this destination than that of Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia. But for us, that’s one more reason to visit and explore it, while it’s still authentic and untainted by mass tourism.

    So, pack your bags and embark on an unforgettable journey together with MAKEYOURASIA.COM - the company, specializing in crafting one-of-a-kind Asian experiences.

    Why Myanmar?

    The tranquil vibes of Yangon, slow everyday life of Mandalay, picturesque temples with hot-air balloons flying over them in Bagan, charming scenery of Inle Lake, the longest wooden bridge in the world, golden rocks and pagodas, delicious cuisine and incredibly hospitable locals are all highlights of Myanmar. We will make sure you have some quiet time in between visiting all of those places, in order to find some peace and reflect upon your Myanmar experiences.

    We will dine in small, local food places and restaurants, move around using traditional means of transport, learn about the culture and handicraft of local communities in order to guarantee that your Myanmar experience will be an authentic one.

    But, let’s not forget that Myanmar is a developing country, offering VIP-style dining, sightseeing and overnight stays as well.

    Your trustworthy guide around South-East Asia

    Myanmar is one of the most mysterious Asian destinations, inaccessible for tourists until only recently. Therefore, MAKEYOURASIA.COM is even more happy to take you there. We will gladly organize a private or a group tour, business meeting, conference or a motivational trip for you.

    We live in Asia, constantly exploring it and developing our network and range of services, enabling us to offer you a wide variety of itineraries and attractions in every corner of South-East Asia. We always work with passion and creativity.

    Our rich experience in guiding and organizing private tours as well as MICE tourism field, knowledge of the region and its languages and cultures as well as flexibility and a true love for Asia are the traits, enabling us to help you reach your goals – business, leisure or other. We will show you the true Myanmar, with all of its exoticness, tranquility, mysteriousness and simplicity.

    Myanmar highlights:

    • Majestic Bagan – fly over the ancient temples in a hot-air balloon.
    • See the dreamscapes of the Inle Lake.
    • Embark on a luxurious cruise on Irrawaddy River.
    • Explore the islands of Mergui Archipelago.
    • Take part in authentic Myanmar cooking classes.
    • Enjoy an elegant dinner with artistic performances in Yangon.
    • Immerse yourself in tranquility during meditation practice alongside Buddhist monks.
    • Visit the lavish Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.
    • Relax on the paradise beaches in Ngapali.
    • Travel by a private VIP train together with your team.
  • LAOS

    Laos – Asian oasis for family holidays or inspiring and intriguing company trip

    Laos is still one of the less popular Asian tourist destinations, being one of the main reasons why you should visit this country and explore its pristine nature, authentic culture and a variety of beautiful spots.

    Add your own ideas to MAKEYOURASIA.COM’S original, handcrafted tours, based on the relentless inspirational potential of this part of the world and it will surely bring you an unforgettable Asian trip.

    Laos is a very diverse country, with its abundant nature, impressive mountain sceneries, cities and towns with one-of-a-kind, relaxed, lazy atmosphere and mysterious temples, but, as Laos is a landlocked country, you won’t find the classic “beach relax under the shade of a palm tree” holidays here. Therefore, Laos is a destination for open-minded explorers, who are looking for new adventures and “something different”.

    Visit Laos with MAKEYOURASIA.COM

    Should you decide to embark on one of our Laotian adventures, you can either choose this country to be your final destination or make it a part of a longer journey around South-East Asia. The choice is yours, but we guarantee that no matter which option you choose, your Laotian experience will surely be satisfactory.

    If you only have little time, let us take you to Luang Prabang for a 1- or 2-day trip; we can also show you the highlights of Laos in just 4 days. In our case, “quick” doesn’t mean “shallow” and you can be sure that you won’t miss out on the authenticity of your experience here, as guiding your ways around the real, true Asia is our mission.

    With more time at your disposal, we shall make Laos become an inspiring stop in your South-East Asian itinerary or a dream holiday destination, featuring sightseeing, exploring the nature, culture and cuisine as well as relaxing in a truly local style, among the friendly and hospitable Laotians.

    Travel responsibly

    The newest tourism trends focus on environmental and social responsibility and we fully support them. We are able to organize a luxurious stay at a 5-star resort, but we try to focus as much as possible on local communities: Travel by traditional means of transport, stay at homestays and eat in truly local restaurants, fulfilling our mission of showing our guests the true face of Asia.

    Laotian incentive tours

    Laos might be just the place you need for your incentive tour. Featuring both a variety of places to be discovered during motivational trips as well as limitless possibilities for relaxing and enjoying tranquility, far away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, it is a place to be.

    Laotian highlights:

    • Unforgettable 1- or 2-day trip around Luang Prabang with our handcrafted itinerary.
    • Visiting traditional craft villages, producing rice wine and fabrics.
    • Famous Pak Ou Caves with countless Buddha statues.
    • Vibrant night markets, full of local handicraft.
    • Close encounters with Laotian fauna at Bear Rescue Center.
    • Picturesque Kuang Si Butterfly Farm park.
    • Travel through time while visiting a traditional, 100-year-old wooden house.
    • Climb the 329 steps to the peak of Mount Phousi.
    • Take a photo at Kuang Si Waterfalls and refresh yourself in the clear waters of one of the local lakes.
    • Explore the Laotian capital city of Vientiane.
    • Watch a romantic sunset over the Mekong River.
    • Savory, aromatic, local meals.
    • Enter the Buddha Park with its epic, grotesque, one-of-a-kind Buddha statues.

Make your next incentive event remarkable with MAKEYOURASIA

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