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  Build an efficient, supportive team  

  Lack of clear communication leads to multiple problems.

Do you want to organize an unforgettable teambuilding in Vietnam?

Lack of clear communication leads to multiple problems when a company is trying to build an efficient, supportive team . The problem grows even larger when the tensions inside a team disable the traditional, open feedback routes . This, in turn, creates an atmosphere of lack of clarity and inefficiency in communication, rendering the team unable to cooperate and produce the expected results .

Why should you choose teambuilding?

As the efficiency decreases , the team members become discouraged and due to lack of teamwork spirit , start looking for people responsible for the failures by “hunting witches ”. This spins the vicious circle of miscommunication even further, effectively disabling any relevant information exchange and creates an atmosphere of “us against them”, dividing the team into two, or more, subgroups . The abovementioned situation can become even more complicated if the intercultural communication has not been practiced regularly, resulting in team members not understanding each others’ cultural traits and philosophy of functioning at a workplace . These problems are very real and quite complicated . They can be, however, addressed during a well -planned teambuilding session.

One of the best ways to reach the goals mentioned on the right is to put all the team members in a series of situations requiring smooth cooperation.

Wycieczki do Azji Południowo-Wschodniej
Encourage free, non-limited communication
Make team members aware of the mindset differences between them
Foster unconditional cooperation in both relaxed and stressful situations
Assess the team members’ capability for planning and executing tasks that demand advanced problem solving skills
Enable team members to see a person in each other, rather than only focus on the tasks they execute
Present the true value of smooth cooperation between each and every employee
Create a situation to ease off tensions between individuals and enable them to vent out emotions in a constructive way
Support the practice of sharing ideas, feelings, and common goals
Urge individuals who never communicate due to working in different departments to engage in constructive dialogue

You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself. - Galileo Galilei

It is almost impossible, and surely – extremely ineffective to try to teach your team members how to properly work as a team by executing mundane tasks during an ordinary workday.

The same is true for conference room training sessions, in which everyone just keeps nodding and smiling, but nobody ever truly understands the importance of teamwork simply by listening to a lecture. Therefore, the only viable way of planting the seed of appreciation for teammates, opening up the long-clogged communication channels, and enabling team members to freely share their thoughts and feelings is an outdoor teambuilding

As far as our teambuilding team is concerned, the following games/missions are perfect for your particular team and the challenges you are currently facing.

  • During the first two missions, the participants shall be divided into following groups (if possible; otherwise, an alternative will be implemented):

       Group 1: All-Vietnamese
       Group 2: All-Vietnamese
       Group 3: Mixed
       Group 4: Mixed
       Group 5: All-foreigner
       Group 6: All-foreigner

    Such a setup during the opening part of the session will enable the participants to realize that there are always multiple ways to resolve any given problem. Moreover, even though the cultural mindsets of various participants might be different, they are still able to reach the same goals in different ways. This will enable the participants to appreciate the team diversity, rather than feel challenged by it.

  • 1. Rules:
    a) The teams have to create a monument by using only the materials, provided by the Organizing Board (OB).
    b) Teams cannot steal, damage, or hide each others’ materials.
    c) Any kind of monument is acceptable.
    d) The teams have 35 minutes for this task.
    e) Upon completion, the OB will judge the monuments, according to 2 factors:
    i. size – Big: 3 pts / Medium-sized: 2 pts / Small: 1 pt
    ii. creativity – 3 pts / 2 pts / 1 pt
    2. Materials provided: Bamboo sticks, glue gun, rope, carton
    boxes, scissors, scotch tape, brown paper, bandage, plastic
    balls, toilet paper.
    3. Goals: Create an opportunity for the teams to exercise their
    creativity in reaching a common goal; foster smooth
    cooperation and long-term planning; show the mindset and
    cultural differences between the teams. Prove, that even
    though executed in different ways, the teams are still able
    to reach the same goals, so all of the members are

  • 1. Rules:
    a) Teams are presented with rolls of string and one bamboo frame/team.
    b) Within max. 30 minutes, teams must create their spider webs with the numbers of openings equal to the number of their team members.
    c) OB informs the teams that after the spider webs are completed, they will have to find a way to transport all their team members to the other side of their respective spider web.
    d) Each opening in the spider web can only be used once (by one team member).
    e) Members may not touch the string while being transported to the other side of the web.
    f) Teams can carry, push, or transport their members in any way, as long as they do not touch the string and abide by the previous rules.
    2. Materials provided: Bamboo frames, string (equal length).
    3. Goals: Kick-start communication activities inside each
    group; exercise planning skills and promote planning before
    acting; foster communal planning and executing of the plan;
    show that each team member requires equal attention.

  • During the next missions, the participants shall be divided as follows:

    In the middle of the session, after the participants have realized the foundations of the importance of teamwork, the groups will be divided again into 6 all-mixed groups for the remainder of the session.

    This will enable the participants to find new ways to work together and overcome the potential differences due to cultural mindsets, lifestyles, and/or life philosophy.

  • 1. Rules:
    a) Teams have 45 minutes to find their 10 respectivecolored
    envelopes, concealed by the OB on the
    premises of the venue.
    b) Teams receive a list of clues in the form of riddles,
    pointing at the spots, where envelopes were hidden.
    c) Some of riddles shall be written in Vietnamese, some
    in English in order to promote communication.
    d) The envelopes shall contain parts of sentences, that
    must be put together by the teams in order to uncover
    their unique quote on the value of teamwork.
    e) Teams will then have 15 minutes to discuss the
    meaning of their respective quotes.
    f) After 15 minutes, each team shall have 2 minutes to
    deliver a speech on their understanding of the quote.
    2. Goals: Promote cultural sharing; foster problem-solving
    skills; encourage each individual to engage in the work
    towards the common goal; create a thought sharing space
    and an opportunity for the participants to truly reflect on
    the meaning of teamwork.

  • 1. Rules:
    a) Teams receive envelopes with puzzle pieces (jigsaw puzzle or building blocks, etc. – to be chosen later).
    b) The OB informs the teams that in this mission “everyone has to think for the whole team”.
    c) Teams must solve the jigsaw puzzle/build a given building blocks model as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    d) The teams are not informed, that each team possesses only a part of a bigger whole, and all the teams must in the end work together to be able to successfully complete this mission.
    2. Goals: Encourage the participants to not only think for their own group/team, but also for the entire company. Be proactive during problem solving. Help the participants consider each others as equally important parts of the entirety of the company. Show that unconditional, openminded, and active solution-seeking attitude is the key to a successful company.


After each segment/mission, the MC will ask a member from each group about their thoughts on either:
- Meaning of the mission performed
- Difficulties they faced during the execution of the mission
- Things they realized during the mission
- Positive qualities of their own, and other teams
- What they could do better
- How they feel in that exact moment.

This activity, albeit short, is a perfect way to vent out the emotions and present the speakers as human beings, rather than employees of a company. This, in turn, will enable the others to sympathize with each speaker, and making them realize that even though they have their differences, but at the end of the day – they are all similar in many aspects.

Custom-made teambuilding sessions

The above presentation is only a draft proposal for your team.
It can be customized, according to your true needs and wants by our experts. Should you find the contents of this proposal viable or otherwise inspirational, feel free to contact us and meet our experts during a sharing session, so that we can suit your needs entirely.

Custom-made teambuilding sessions

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