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"Doing Business in Vietnam" 2023 Online Conference

On February 14, 2023, the online business conference "Doing Business in Vietnam” occurred, offering a platform for experts, Polish entrepreneurs, and specialists in the Vietnamese market to exchange knowledge and share their experiences of the region. The meeting was part of the "Wielkopolska Business: Direction in Asia" project, implemented under the Wielkopolska Brand. We are delighted to highlight that Łukasz Kozłowski, our CEO, was among the guest speakers.

The event was organized by the Self-Government of the Wielkopolska Region, Wielkopolski Fundusz Rozwoju Sp. z o.o., and the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Importers, Exporters, and Cooperation.

Vietnam's economy stands out as one of the fastest-growing in Southeast Asia, providing substantial potential for foreign investors. It is even considered a gateway to Asia for Poles. Thanks to trade agreements between the European Union and Vietnam, exports enjoy duty-free status and simplified processes. The Wielkopolska Development Fund actively encourages and supports entrepreneurs from Wielkopolska in their expansion into the Vietnamese market, offering various assistance options from counseling to financial loans.

"Doing Business in Vietnam" Online Conference 2023

Vietnam recorded a population of more than 97 million with plentiful potential. However, this potential has not been fully utilized. Exports to Vietnam are almost ten times smaller than imports. In terms of trade relations, Poland is number 1 among Eastern European countries, while Vietnam is our seventh-largest trade partner outside the European Union. Conferences such as this are intended to bring the Vietnamese market closer, help in assessing the risk and calculating the benefits, and allow you to gain insights from experts and ask them questions.

During the "Doing Business in Vietnam" conference, our CEO, Łukasz Kozłowski discussed the verification of business partners, the Polish brand in Vietnam, Polish-Vietnamese relations, and shipments of goods to Vietnam, transport (air and road), as well as contracts and costs.

We are pleased to have participated in this insightful conference, contributing to the strengthening of Polish-Vietnamese relations. The entire discussion can be viewed on the official YouTube channel of the Wielkopolska Development Fund under the title 'DOING BUSINESS IN VIETNAM'.