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MakeYourAsia at ALLinTOO International Tourism Workshop 2023

On March 1-2, 2023, in Wrocław, Poland, the third ALLinTOO International Tourism Workshop organized by the "All Inclusive" magazine together with the Open Tourist Organization (TOO) took place. During such an important event, our representative from MakeYourAsia was also present!

This year's two-day workshop was international and took place at the HP Park Plaza in the city of Wrocław - south-west part of Poland. The event was attended by many representatives of travel agencies, hotels, and tour operators from around 30 countries. MICE companies as well as organizers of the recreation & entertainment industry joined the workshop to connect with exhibitors from around the globe, share about their services, and explore offerings across different fields. About 100 participants from nearly 70 companies attended the event with a common goal of promoting the services and tourist infrastructure of the participating countries and nurturing potential cooperation.

Purpose of the ALLinTOO workshop

The event was the chance for businesses to exchange their products and offerings, meet other like-minded entrepreneurs and foster new partnerships. We are glad that despite the long distance and many transits in-between (especially while February and March are the busy tourist season in Asia), we were able to participate in such an interesting event - the more so that we were the only exhibitor from Asia.

ALLinTOO International Tourism Workshop group photo
ALLinTOO ceremony

B2B Conversations

Following the ribbon cutting ceremony, the guest presentations commenced, followed by two four-hour B2B workshops. During these sessions, our Tourism Director - Adrian Zagrodzki, had the pleasure of talking to 20 potential international partners. It was extremely insightful to meet with so many experienced DMCs and tourism professionals, and we look forward to potential collaborations in the future.

The program of the ALLinTOO workshops also included additional attractions, i.e., a night tour of the medieval center of Wrocław with a guide, tasting Colombian coffee or a visit to the famous Hydropolis.

The two-day event was quite intense yet insightful, filled with engaging discussions and B2B connections. Additionally, the event also featured the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the “All Inclusive” magazine, which is the co-creator of the ALLinTOO Group. To learn about our Incentive offers , please don't hesitate and reach out to us for more information.

ALLinTOO Meeting 2023
ALLinTOO International Tourism Workshop 2023
Wroclaw, Poland