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MakeYourAsia becomes a member of EUROCHAM and Business Executive Network

Having operated on the Asian market for over 4 years, we still continue to develop, search for new contacts, and strengthen our relationships, which are vital for doing business in Southeast Asia. Therefore, as MakeYourAsia, we have joined two organizations: EUROCHAM (European Chamber of Commerce), and to be more exact its member organization The Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce(CEEC) as well as Business Executive Network Vietnam (BEN).

EUROCHAM is, in short, an organization developing economic relations between Europe and Vietnam. It is a great honor to be present in its ranks. This opens new development paths for us, provides the necessary support, and gives us a chance to establish many interesting contacts.

One of EUROCHAM's members is The Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (CEEC), focusing on the countries from Central and Eastern Europe. It supports the development of companies from this region already operating or planning to start their operations in Vietnam.

Main goals of CEEC:

  • Supporting the business community related to Central and Eastern Europe in Vietnam,
  • Supporting companies from Central and Eastern Europe that are already operating in Vietnam,
  • Advising new entities on challenges on the Asian market,
  • Connecting local and Central and Eastern European companies.
Łukasz Kozłowski z MakeYourAsia na evencie EUROCHAM
Business Executive Network  (BEN)

Business Executive Network Vietnam is a social organization associating business leaders in the region - a thriving, independent and dynamic group, combining many industries and professions. It is a platform for us to gain inspiring contacts, share knowledge, exchange experiences, business solutions, inspirations and ideas in a trusted environment. It also gives us the access to high-quality training.

We already know that Vietnam and Asia is an attractive place to invest and an excellent partner for European businesses - we will be happy to share this knowledge with you as well.

We are constantly operating, developing, and widening our network of contacts in order to offer you an even better quality of tourist, MICE, and business services.

Business Executive Network Vietnam