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MakeYourAsia at Meet The Bidder 03/2019

In March, 2019 we took part in an inspiring meeting of the tourism industry - Meet the Bidder - trade fairs, organized periodically since 2011.

Our proud representative at this very important event, organized for international tour operators was, naturally, Lukasz Kozlowski:

Every tourist, who departs back home from Asia together with all the great memories and experiences we provided, and then returns here on the first occasion makes us happy. MakeYourAsia invites you for great incentive tours. Non-incentive too, of course ;)

The trade fair was an opportunity for us to present our company and - most importantly - our diverse array of MICE offers, together with over 40 other service providers from all over the world.

Meet the Bidder Spring Edition 2019 event took place in March, at Sound Garden Hotel, Warsaw, Poland.

Lukasz Kozlowski - MakeYourAsia