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MakeYourAsia on TGM Research’s The Insight Hour Podcast

On the occasion of releasing their Global Travel Report of 2023, TGM Research has collaborated with MakeYourAsia for a podcast initiative dedicated to our field of expertise: travel! We are more than thrilled to work with TGM Research and feature in The Insight Hour podcast project to share our insider tips, knowledge, and current travel trends in Southeast Asia. For the first episode of The Insight Hour: Taste of Asia, our Travel Manager Lukasz Jankowski joined Thuyên from TGM Research to discuss cultural explorations, remarkable destinations, and delectable gastronomic finds in the region. With almost a decade of living in Vietnam and years of working in the tourism industry, Lukasz has extensive knowledge on planning outdoor adventures, well-organized family trips, and finding authentic culinary gems. In this podcast, he shares his insider tips on everything from how to find the best street food and how to make the most of summer in Asia. He also talks about the importance of being a conscious traveler and how we can influence tourism's impact on the environment.

The Insight Hour - Travel trends

Without further spoiling the amazing scoop of this podcast, we invite you to listen and learn about expert insights on:

  • Cultural expeditions
  • Slow travel
  • Food finds and adventures
  • Nature destinations and outdoor activities
  • Tips for first-time Asia travelers

You can listen to The Insight Hour’s 1st episode: Taste of Asia on Spotify and on TGM Research’s YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more episodes of The Insight Hour where we’ll discuss a variety of topics on travel, business, and cultures!

For more information about global tourist behaviors or the travel and leisure industry, check out the interactive TGM Global Travel Report 2023 here. The report covers insights of respondents from 21 countries, spanning across various topics from traveler demographics, traveling activities, to popular airline brands. And if you want to get insider knowledge on your specific industry, contact TGM Research right away!

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