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MakeYourAsia on VTC10's "Sharing Vietnam" TV show

How did COVID-19 affect the Polish-Vietnamese business relations? This was the main issue of the VTC10's "Sharing Vietnam" report, broadcast in July, 2020. Beside the main interviewee - Mr. Peter Harasimowicz (the Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Foreign Trade Office of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency), two of our team members, namely: Lukasz Kozlowski and Adrian Zagrodzki had also shared their opinions.

Łukasz Kozłowski, MakeYourAsia on VTC10 - Sharing Vietnam TV show
Adrian Zagrodzki, MakeYourAsia on VTC10 - Sharing Vietnam TV show

"Sharing Vietnam" is broadcast on English-language channel VTC10 (Vietnam Television Company's Channel 10). Its target audience are mainly foreign investors, as well as international tourists, and the Vietnamese living abroad.

MakeYourAsia's team members were invited to discuss the situation of businesses and Polish-Vietnamese business relations during, as well as after the COVID-19 pandemic. Together we analyzed the intricacies of the Polish - Vietnamese business cooperation and offered some hints for the people, who plan to invest in Southeast Asia. .

The whole footage is available on YouTube.