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Nomad Explorer on the trip in Vietnam

Nomad Explorer at Independence Palace

In December 2017, we had the honor of organizing a tour around Vietnam for a group of Kazakh businessmen, associated in a traveler association named Nomad Explorer. It is led by a well-known Kazakh entrepreneurship and education mentor - Margulan Seissembayev.

It was the group's first trip so far away from their country. This time, due to a rather tight schedule, during the eight-day trip we visited the southern and northern parts of Vietnam only, omitting its central region.

Nomad Explorer
Nomad Explorer on rickshaw
Nomad Explorer trying rickshaw
Nomad Explorer at the park
Nomad Explorer on the boat

Together, we tried the delicacies of the Mekong Delta, such as the fresh spring rolls with "elephant ear" fish, and the king of Southeast Asian fruits - durian; rode through the vibrant narrow alleyways of Saigon's Chinatown and relaxed during a cruise on the picturesque Ha Long Bay. After a long walk through the tropical jungle, we reached a fabulous viewpoint in the National Park on Cat Ba Island.

Nomad Explorer on the boat
Nomad Explorer on the boat
Nomad Explorer at Ben Thanh Market

Members of Nomad Explorer were very impressed with the difference between Vietnamese culture and their own, but thanks to our assurance and guidance they have done many unusual things, such as trying the infamous balut. The members have already expressed their desire to visit the rest of Southeast Asia with us.

Nomad Explorer at temple

The most interesting moments of the trip were captured by a photographer - Evgeniy Volkov, who is also a pioneer of 360° photography in Kazakhstan.

The visit of this group also resulted in a documentary about Vietnam, presented on the Kazakh travel channel Turan TV.

Nomad Explorer at Temple of Literature
Nomad Explorer on cruise
Nomad Explorer on rickshaws