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TGM Magazine Featuring
Adrian Zagrodzki and Łukasz Jankowski

To end the summer with a blast, we would like to share exciting news of our team members: Adrian and Łukasz of our Travel team are featured on TGM Research Magazine - Travel Edition! Our special Tour Leaders had the opportunity to share their valuable travel insights and past experiences to bring readers a personal and up-close look into life in Asia.

Our Team on TGM Research's Magazine

TGM Research is a global market research firm that specializes in survey creation, sample definition, and data collection. With their latest project on global travel trends, the team has published a digital magazine to touch base on the various aspects of traveling as well as the outlook of Asia’s tourism industry. The exclusive interview was the perfect collaboration as our travel experts have the knowledge and understanding that allow them to explore different angles of travel and leisure and contribute to the topic. The aesthetically-pleasing magazine offers a detailed look into the industry’s consumer behaviors, global travel trends, and insightful perspectives on cultures, traditions, and culinary gems.

TGM Magazine - Travel Edition
TGM Travel Survey 2023 - MakeYourAsia Travel Experts

What to expect from the magazine?

Uncover numerous findings of respondents from 21 countries, spanning across different demographics, to understand travelers’ attitude and habits, or to simply inspire your adventurous spirit. From accommodation preferences to popular travel styles, you can count on this publication for in-depth findings.

Furthermore, our guides also shared their personal experiences on navigating life in Asia, culinary gems, and insider tips. Adrian and Łukasz’s unique experiences have opened up authentic perspectives on cultural differences, activity recommendations, trip organizations, and many more other topics. It was truly a great opportunity to be able to work with TGM Research to share our travel knowledge and hopefully we have inspired the traveler in you.

For more information about TGM Research and their work, visit their website. If you’re intrigued with a trip to Asia, check out our tours!

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