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The return of the Vietfood and Beverage Trade Show in Ho Chi Minh City

Last August 11-13, 2022, the 26th edition of the Vietfood and Beverage Trade Show marked the return of face-to-face events after 2 years of the pandemic. With an aim to promote brand recognition, initiate business networking, and connect potential trade partners, the food fair at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center has met unprecedented success. MakeYourAsia was proud to be a part of such an influential event and support the National Support Centre for Agriculture and the Stowarzyszenie Rzeźników i Wędliniarzy RP as well as the National Union of Fruit and Vegetables Producers Groups for the exhibition.  

Commissioner for Agriculture of the EU in Vietnam July 2022
Commissioner for Agriculture of the EU in Vietnam July 2022

The Vietfood and Beverage Trade Show is one of the most influential and biggest food exhibitions in Vietnam. The said event has been a significant trade promotion with important business sectors and players in the industry. With rapid changes in the food industry, from the initial purpose of serving consumers' basic needs to current market trends, and significant food standards, the food and beverage industry has become a sector with promising opportunities and potential to grow. The exhibition is a platform for Vietnam's major food companies to showcase their products to a wide range of potential customers from all over the world and as well as provides an opportunity for international companies to discover new markets for their products. 

In addition, the exhibition provides a platform for both domestic and international suppliers to find new partners or distributorships around the world. It also provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to find potential new investors or partners who may be interested in investing in Vietnamese markets. Representing “Poland tastes good”, the National Support Centre for Agriculture joined this year’s trade fair with high-quality products, a large-scale booth with sophisticated decoration, and great hospitality to welcome Vietnamese business partners. From a wide variety of Polish specialties to culinary shows, the booth lived up to its motto - “Poland tastes good” – and welcomed hundreds of visitors to promote the best of Poland.  

Commissioner for Agriculture of the EU in Vietnam July 2022
Tasteful Europe 2022

Under the campaign “Tasteful Europe, the Stowarzyszenie Rzeźników i Wędliniarzy RP and National Union of Fruit and Vegetables Producers Groups with the support of the Polish Chamber of Commerce Promotion Centre were able to showcase the most delicious and flavorful European food. In order to highlight outstanding European offerings, there was also a culinary demonstration taking place all throughout the fair for visitors to experience the full range of flavors and aromas from the most amazing Western dishes. The campaign “Tasteful Europe- Tradition and Quality did not only showcase quality products, sustainable food production methodologies, and a range of cooking methods but also promoted European products by experienced chefs.  

Aside from the trade fairs, Tasteful Europe in Ho Chi Minh City has also hosted a special networking event in food and beverage to promote business opportunities and boost Vietnam - Poland investment relations. The B2B event at the Rex Hotel was organized to promote various Polish products and a range of sustainable food production methodologies. With strong agricultural advantages and a large assortment of products, bilateral trade between the two countries has so much potential to grow. The event was aimed to connect and match Polish and Vietnamese companies. 

Tasteful Europe Conference 2022

The promotional activities during the fair introduced Vietnamese businesses and entrepreneurs to the great quality yet competitive pricing of European food, including different types of meat as well as fruits and vegetables. With modern production technology and high welfare standards, European products differentiated from other sources and introduced sustainable agricultural models to the Vietnamese market. Furthermore, with strong agricultural advantages and an extensive array of excellent products, bilateral trade between Vietnam and the European Union holds numerous opportunities for strengthening cooperation and investment