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The Vietfood & Propack Exhibition 2022 in Hanoi, Vietnam

From November 9 – 12, 2022, the Vietfood & Beverage and Propack 2022 took place in Hanoi at the International Center for Exhibition, welcoming visitors to explore and learn about various cuisines, outstanding products, and culinary shows. MakeYourAsia again has assisted our Polish partners to bring the best representation of European high-quality produces and their mouth-watering dishes to the Vietnamese market.

Tasteful Europe Hanoi 2023
Press conference in Melia Hanoi Hotel 2023

Started off with a press conference in Melia Hanoi Hotel for the “Tasteful Europe” campaign, the event brought together around 80 different businesses, distributors, importers, to meet with the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs representatives and ambassadors. The event mainly discussed the European Union’s products, imports and exports details, along with standard principles when partnering with Vietnamese brands. This valuable opportunity allowed experts from different agricultural industries to exchange knowledge on supplier requirements, manufacturing procedures, and food processing safety guidelines. Other than that, the Tasteful Europe talented chefs also presented their skills, serving a wide variety of dishes and promoting the ingredients’ versatile usages and cooking methods through the amazingly-presented buffet.

Leading to the trade fair at the exhibition, the Tasteful Europe stand attracts many visitors with the skillful culinary performances by Polish master chefs. The exhibition demonstrated the traditional, authentic European cuisines and culinary standards through every dish made and served to the public. At the stall, food fair visitors can learn about European animal husbandry as well as vegetable and fruit cultivation, bringing Vietnamese consumers closer to the Western distributors. 

Vietfood booth exhibition Hanoi 2023
Tasteful Europe meeting 2023 MakeYourAsia

In addition, the event also served as a platform for both international and Vietnamese traders to share knowledge on production technologies, animal welfare, trading regulations, pricing, and many more aspects of the F&B industry. With three days in the capital of Vietnam, the promotional campaign of Tasteful Europe presented a wide array of premium raw materials to promote food processing safety and sustainable procedures into the Vietnam markets with an aim to boost fruitful Vietnam – EU trade relations.

MakeYourAsia has again got the chance to assist the Tasteful Europe team to organize such a meaningful event to initiate global networking and bitaleral investment between the EU and Vietnam. With our experienced team and experts, we can help your organization with business consulting, ranging from market entry activities, sourcing, trade fair organization, to translation or interpreting services. If you are looking into expanding your business into the Southeast Asia region and want to explore its potential, contact us for further information and assistance.

Vietfood consultation tables Hanoi 2023