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W Business Center & NAI Vietnam Company Trip by MakeYourAsia

Last November, MakeYourAsia whisked the W Business Center & NAI Vietnam team on a revitalizing escape to Mui Ne, a coastal haven of sun-kissed shores of Southern Vietnam. Leaving work behind, they built connections during engaging teambuilding activities amidst Le VIVA Mui Ne's lush coconut groves and vibrant flower beds. As laughter echoed alongside the waves, the weekend blossomed into a success story of strengthened bonds and well-earned rest.

Team-building events aren’t just about escaping work – they’re opportunities to forge relationships and boosting morale. As organizers, we understand the significance of every detail in crafting a smooth, impactful experience. From transportation to accommodations, we meticulously select options that maximize comfort and convenience. In this case, a spacious, air-conditioned bus took the team to Mui Ne, where a tranquil resort awaits with enchanting scenery and nicely-decorated rooms. This thoughtful balance allowed team members to unwind in their personal space while participating in group activities with colleagues.

Futhermore, since W Business Center and NAI Vietnam’s main goal was to fortify the bonds between team members, of course we cannot miss a teambuilding session! MakeYourAsia organized fun games on the sun-kised shores to encourage teamwork and light up their spirit.

Under the warm sunshine with the sound of waves crashing, the team were all excited and all-in for the team building activities, spreading the positive and energetic atmosphere across the waterfront area.

As sunset falls, the companies gathered for a night of elegance and appreciation. Set on the romantic waterfront of the resort, under the palm trees, this was definitely a night to remember as the team got the opportunity to dress up, receive appreciation rewards, and danced the night away. Even though it was only a weekend getaway, the incentive trip allowed the team to rejuvenate by the gorgeous Vietnam southern coast. As the end of 2023 is approaching, it is the perfect time for W Business Center and NAI Vietnam to look back and reflect on their achievements, foster connections among the teams, and strengthen the team spirit for the upcoming year!

Sapa, Vietnam
NAI Vietnam team
W Business Center Team
MYA team building backdrop in Mui Ne
Team building game by MYA
MYA as team building trip organizer
Gala Dinner backdrop at resort

Reward your team the right way with a trip by MakeYourAsia!

Witnessing the bond of W Business Center and NAI Vietnam during their cozy company retreat was a privilege for MakeYourAsia, your trusted team operator for over 7 years. As their partner in crafting this private, full-package trip, we put our utmost effort in orchestrating every detail, allowing the team to truly connect and have fun. From seaside games sparkling laughter to shared meals fostering genuine connection, the company trip unfolded gracefully. Looking for a local expert to organize your incentive trip? Let MakeYourAsia tailor a Vietnam retreat that strengthens bonds, fuels inspiration, and creates lasting memories. Send us your inquiry today!

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