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MakeYourAsia Tour Terms and Conditions

(Updated June 2024)

At MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd., we're all about crafting amazing travel experiences while keeping things safe, fun, and smooth for everyone. Therefore, we have prepared the following Tour Policy and Guidelines. When you travel with us, you agree to adhere to this policy. Please take a moment to read it in order to make sure that your journey is a hassle-free one. We can't wait to see you in Southeast Asia!

You can also find our Tour Terms and Conditions in other languages: Vietnamese 🇻🇳 and Polish 🇵🇱

Legal Status

License and Operation

MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. is a legal tour operator with an ASEAN international license: 79-904 / 2018 / TCDL-GP LHQT.

We operate as a Destination Management Company (DMC) within the ASEAN region.

1. General Conduct

We kindly request that all guests conduct themselves with respect and consideration towards fellow guests, guides, and locals. Please note that disruptive or offensive behavior will not be permitted.

1.1. Anti-Discrimination Policy

Our company upholds a zero-tolerance stance on racism, discrimination, or harassment in any form. Should any guest be found engaging in such behaviors, they will be promptly removed from the tour and will not be eligible for a refund.

1.2. Sexual Harassment Policy

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual harassment. This includes unwelcome advances, inappropriate touching, or suggestive comments. Guests displaying such behavior will be removed immediately from the tour without a refund.

1.3. Reporting Issues

Our tours aim to provide an enjoyable experience for all participants. We reserve the right to refuse service or remove any guest who disrupts the tour, poses a safety risk, or behaves in a manner considered inappropriate by our staff. This may include removal from certain segments or the entire tour package.

If any guest experiences or witnesses disruptive, offensive, or inappropriate behavior, they should immediately contact the person responsible for the tour from MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. and report the incident.

2. Health and Safety

2.1. Local Health Insurance

Guests are advised to take responsibility for their own health and safety during the tour. MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. provides local health insurance in line with the host country's regulations. However, we strongly recommend that guests secure private travel insurance that includes provisions for accidents, medical emergencies, and transportation for treatment back in their home country.

2.2. Safety Instruction

All guests are required to adhere to safety instructions issued by the Tour Leader or Tour Guides employed by MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. Non-compliance with these safety instructions may lead to exclusion from the entire tour package or specific activities.

2.3. Medical Conditions and Allergies

Guests with medical conditions that may require special attention or accommodation must inform the company at the time of booking. Guests must inform the contact person of any allergies, especially those related to food and beverages, at the time of booking.

MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions or medical issues resulting from undisclosed allergies. We strive to accommodate medical needs and dietary restrictions wherever feasible. Guests are responsible for carrying necessary medications and for informing guides about any urgent medical conditions.

Please note that MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. is not liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur as a result of non-adherence to safety instructions or engaging in reckless behavior.

3. Travel Documents and Visas

3.1. Passport Validity

Guests are responsible for ensuring that their passport is valid for at least 6 months upon their arrival date.

MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any guest being denied entry into a country by immigration officers. Guests must ensure they meet all entry requirements and have all necessary documentation.

3.2. Visa Requirements

Obtaining a valid visa, based on the regulations of the destination country, is the sole responsibility of the guest. MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. will provide support and assistance with the visa process as much as possible, but we are not responsible for any issues or delays related to visa applications or approvals.

4. Tour Participation

4.1. Arrival Time

We kindly request that guests arrive on time as scheduled for the start of the tour. If you anticipate a delay, please inform us in advance. While every effort will be made to proceed with the tour, we may need to reschedule or make alternative arrangements if accommodating a late arrival is not feasible. Please note that refunds are not available for missed tours.

4.2. Emergencies and Unforeseen Circumstances

In the event of unforeseen disruptions such as flight cancellations or changes in transport schedules, MakeYourAsia will endeavor to provide alternative arrangements within the original tour price. Should these alternatives exceed the initial budget, any additional costs will only be charged after consultation and agreement with the guests.

4.3. Force Majeure

MakeYourAsia is not liable for any inability to fulfill its contractual obligations due to events beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, natural disasters, war, civil unrest, acts of terrorism, governmental restrictions, strikes, labor disputes, pandemics, or unforeseen events that could not have been anticipated or mitigated. In such instances, we will endeavor to offer alternative arrangements or reschedule the affected services. However, any additional costs arising from these circumstances will be borne by the client.

4.4. Reporting Issue During Tour

In the event of any problems or discrepancies with the implemented program, accommodations, flights, transfers, or other included services, please contact our team immediately by phone or messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Messenger. Issues not reported to our consultants while the tour is ongoing may not be verifiable and can hinder our ability to intervene and address any problematic matters effectively.

5. Participation of Minors

5.1. Responsibility of Parents/Guardians

We welcome participants of all ages, but all participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian is responsible for the minor’s behavior and adherence to the tour policies and rules. We will clearly communicate any activities with age restrictions, and it is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian to ensure compliance. For the safety and enjoyment of all participants, MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. reserves the right to refuse participation of minors in certain activities if deemed unsafe or inappropriate.

6. Participation of Pregnant Guests

6.1. Medical Consultation

We welcome pregnant guests and strive to make our tours comfortable and safe for everyone. Pregnant guests should consult with their medical doctor provider before participating in any tour to ensure it is safe for them to do so. MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. is not liable for any health issues that may arise during the tour due to pregnancy. Guests participate at their own risk.

6.2. Informing the Company

Please inform MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. of your pregnancy at the time of booking so we can make any necessary accommodations. Some activities may not be suitable for pregnant guests. We will provide information on any restrictions or recommendations for alternative activities.

7. Personal Belongings

Guests are advised to take care of their personal belongings. MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to personal items during the tour. For added security, we recommend storing valuable items in a hotel safe or securely locking them in a bag.

8. Alcohol and Substance Use

Alcohol consumption is permitted only in designated areas and must adhere to legal limits. Please note that excessive drinking and any disruptive behavior resulting from alcohol use will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to refuse service or remove any guest from the tour, or any portion thereof, should they become excessively intoxicated, under the influence of illegal substances, or pose a safety risk as determined by the designated Tour Leader or Tour Guide from MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. Please be aware that no refund will be issued if a guest is removed from the tour or parts of the tour for breaching this policy.

9. Animal Welfare

9.1. Ethical Practices

MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. is committed to ethical tourism and does not organize or endorse any activities that exploit animals for entertainment or attractions.

9.2. Wildlife Viewing

We conduct all wildlife viewing activities with utmost respect for the animals and their habitats. Guests are required to adhere to guidelines that ensure minimal disturbance to wildlife.

9.3. Sanctuaries and Rescues

Our company supports and visits only those sanctuaries and rescue centers that are certified and meet stringent standards for animal welfare.

9.4. No Direct Interaction

Direct interaction with wild animals, such as riding or feeding, is prohibited during our tours to ensure the safety and well-being of both guests and animals.

9.5. Responsible Shopping

Any products or souvenirs involving animals must be ethically sourced, and we encourage guests to avoid purchasing items that contribute to the exploitation of wildlife.

9.6. Guest Education

MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. educates its guests about the significance of animal welfare and responsible tourism practices. We encourage all guests to show respect towards all animals and to avoid supporting any activities that are ethically questionable concerning animal welfare.

10. Environmental Responsibility

10.1. Sustainable Practices

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and encourage our guests to join us in this effort.

10.2. Waste Management

We urge guests to help minimize waste by opting for reusable water bottles, bags, and containers.

10.3. Respect for Nature

We ask guests to respect natural habitats and wildlife by staying on designated paths, not disturbing plants or animals, and not leaving any litter behind.

10.4. Water and Energy Conservation

We encourage guests to conserve water and energy by limiting usage where possible, such as turning off lights and taps when not in use.

10.5. Local and Eco-Friendly Products

Whenever possible, we source local and eco-friendly products for our tours. We encourage guests to support local businesses and choose environmentally friendly options.

10.6. Educational Initiatives

We provide information and education about the local environment and conservation efforts. Guests are encouraged to participate in and support these initiatives.

10.7. Eco-Friendly Gadgets

We utilize eco-friendly gadgets and materials during our tours, setting a standard for sustainability and environmental responsibility within the ASEAN region.

11. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

 MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. actively engages in CSR initiatives aimed at supporting local communities, promoting environmental conservation, and enhancing the well-being of the areas in which we operate. Guests are welcome to participate in our CSR activities during their tours.

12. Data Privacy

12.1. Confidentiality

All emails, documents, and personal information shared between guests and MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. are treated as confidential and are protected in accordance with data privacy laws.

12.2. Data Protection

We take all necessary measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of guests’ personal data. This includes secure storage and restricted access to personal data.

12.3. Usage of Information

Personal information provided by guests will only be used for the purposes of organizing and conducting the tour. It will not be shared with third parties without explicit consent, except as required by law.

12.4. Provision of Information

Guests must provide all necessary information required for bookings and reservations, including full names, passport photos, and any other relevant details.

13. Photo and Video Policy

13.1. Consent

MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. always seeks written permission from guests before photographing or filming them for promotional and marketing purposes. If you do not wish to be photographed or filmed, please inform the Tour Leader or Tour Guide at the start of the tour.

13.2. Respecting Privacy

While we invite guests to capture their memories with photos and videos during the tour, we ask that you respect the privacy of fellow guests and locals.

13.3. Use of Drones

Guests are permitted to use drones, but must take full responsibility for their safe and legal operation. Please ensure that drone usage is safe and fully compliant with all local regulations and safety guidelines. MakeYourAsia Co., Ltd. will not be held accountable for any incidents or damages resulting from drone usage.

14. Liability Waiver

We encourage everyone to take appropriate precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Guests agree to release the company, its employees, and affiliates from any liability for injury, loss, or damage incurred during the tour, except in cases of gross negligence or willful misconduct by the company.

15. Consequences for Rule Violations

Guests who violate any of these policies may be removed from the entire tour package or specific parts of the tour.

Guests removed from the tour will be responsible for covering any additional costs incurred as a result of their removal, including transportation back to the starting point or home. 

16. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

16.1. Laws of Vietnam

These policies and rules are governed by and based on the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

16.2. Dispute Resolution

Any disputes arising from or related to these policies and rules, or the tours themselves, will be resolved exclusively in the courts of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

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