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Culinary Cu Chi One Day Tour

Immerse yourself in the culinary specialties of Cu Chi

1 day Culinary Cu Chi tour
  • Trip Type

    Private tour - minimum 2 guests
  • Duration

    1 Day

  • Starting Location

    Ho Chi Minh City

  • Ending location

    Ho Chi Minh City 

  • Country


  • Price

    Each trip is priced individually - trips differ in the number of people, selected hotels, and attractions

Learn about the historical Cu Chi

The district of Cu Chi is a part of the suburban of Saigon, located about 60 km away from the city center. Here, you'll join a fun cooking class where you get to pick your own ingredients and learn to prepare tasty traditional Vietnamese dishes

You will also learn about the warfare history in the country at Cu Chi Tunnels area. You'll find out what the Viet Cong ate, drank, and dressed in back in the days, and also experience what unbelievable traps they set for American soldiers. Sign up to try making the local recipe and tasting some delicious food. Let's go!

What's included

  • Transfer by air-conditioned car/van 

  • Entry tickets to all attractions mentioned in the program

  • Local lunch

  • Local English-speaking tour guide

What's not included

  • Tips for services

  • Drinks during trip

  • Private insurance

Experience Highlights

  • Travel with our English-speaking local guide to meet the local farmers and pick out fresh vegetables and herb
  • See the rural landscape of Vietnamese villages
  • Join a cooking class hosted by professional chefs
  • Learn to prepare a delicious meal using local ingredients
  • Receive an official cooking certificate from
  • Try crawling through underground tunnels and learn about Vietcong guerrilla’s life
  • Stroll through the tropical forest full of war-era remnants
Vietnamese cooking class



Join us for an unforgettable day exploring the suburban villages of Vietnam, where we will experience the daily life of local farmers. Our adventure begins with a pick-up from your hotel at 7:30 am. We will then venture to the serene countryside, where we will witness the traditional methods of rice, herb, and mushroom cultivation. You will blend in with the local culture as you put on a traditional Vietnamese conical hat and join the farmers in harvesting herbs, vegetables, and mushrooms from the garden. You will truly feel like a part of the community as you learn about their farming techniques and way of life.


Around 10:00, under the watchful eye of the chef, we will start learning how to prepare three traditional Vietnamese dishes and one dessert. We will also learn many interesting facts about the art of preparing healthy and balanced meals. The best moment of the day will be enjoying our DIY meal. This will be the “tastiest” part of our day.


Next, we will make our way to the historic Cu Chi Tunnels Area. Our journey will start with a documentary movie that offers insight into the history of the area, with a room modeled after the meeting point of the Vietcong fighters. As we walk through the nearby jungle, you will discover how the guerrillas lived, fought, and outsmarted the enemies. You will also learn about the ingenious traps they used and other fascinating curiosities. You wouldn’t want to miss this unique and educational experience as we delve into the rich and riveting  Cu Chi Tunnels.


Finally, we'll try a traditional guerrilla meal and see how you can cook in a wood-fired kitchen, without producing visible smoke.

Our day will finish at your hotel around 17:30 - 18:00, depending on traffic conditions.

Cu chi tunnels tour
Cu chi tunnels Vietnam tour
Vietnamese cooking class
Fresh ingredients cooking class
Learn about cu chi
Learn how to cook healthy Vietnamese meals

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