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  Travel to Vietnam Motorbike Style  

Take the unconventional route and explore Vietnam in the most authentic way on Motorbikes

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  Satisfy your adventurous soul at Vietnam's most active destinations.  

Travel Vietnam like a local with motorbikes

Motorbike exploration is always a great choice when it comes to traveling in Vietnam. Riding a motorbike through the country is the best way to see and experience amazing scenic routes, unexplored paths, and hidden gems. This activity will certainly give you access to unimaginable destinations and one-of-a-kind experiences. From non-bikers to professional riders, we offer a wide range of options for everyone to join and live the best motorbike experiences in Vietnam. And if you’re interested in learning how to ride, we can also arrange a teacher for you!

Discover Vietnam’s iconic trails

Nothing beats experiencing Vietnam’s nature first-hand. With limitless route options, it is not challenging at all to find a journey suitable for you.  

MakeYourAsia Vietnam map

Ha Noi

From the original 'pho', the world-renowned Obama 'bun cha', to the exotic flavors of ethnic cuisines, Ha Noi and the surrounding areas are filled with endless culinary options for you to explore.

Moc Chau

Moc Chau and the surrounding towns charm travelers with vibrant highland markets as well as mesmerizing countryside filled with winding trails.

Historical Central Vietnam

As a tourist magnet of the S-shaped country, this central area is famous for their scenic curvy roads surrounded by the flawless coastline, majestic mountains, and charming towns. 

Da Lat

With deserted rolling hills, lush plantations, to scenic waterfalls, the Da Lat area will give you a different view of Vietnam.

Nha Trang

Head to the epic coastline of Nha Trang where the golden sandy shore complements perfectly with .

Ho Chi Minh City

Catch a glimpse of the city that never sleeps and blend into the unique beat of the busy traffic.

Check our family-friendly destinations in Vietnam

Whether your family is craving some sunshine by the beach or a cultural travel experience, Vietnam can offer it all.

Da Nang & Hoi An

As a tourist magnet of Central Vietnam, Da Nang & Hoi An are famous for their palm-fringed beaches, natural beauty and historical remarks. 

Quy Nhon

Experience a slice of paradise at the coastal city of Quy Nhon - the land of azure blue water, rocky boulders, and gorgeous sand dunes. 

Nha Trang

Nha Trang will guarantee you a fun holiday as the the bustling nightlife, diverse watersports activities, and islands hopping tours will keep you entertained.

Ho Tram

Ho Tram is an ideal getaway from the busy city life with quiet beaches and luxurious resorts. 

Phu Quoc

From romantic scenery, great resort selections, and various activities offered, Phu Quoc has everything required to be a perfect beach holiday destination.

Con Dao

Discover the unspoiled beauty of the Con Dap archipelago and have a Vietnam island experience you cannot get anywhere else.

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Choose the best routes in Vietnam for your expedition

MakeYourAsia Saigon evening motorbike tour

Feel the cities' electric atmosphere on scooters

Scrolling around on a scooter is absolutely a must when it comes to Vietnam travel. With motorbikes, you can truly see the cities through the locals’ eyes and discover hidden corners that larger vehicles cannot reach. Let us take care of the driving while you just sit back and blend into the busy roads. If you want to explore Ha Noi, we’ll take you through the labyrinth of streets and alleys to see the capital’s historical landmarks. From the iconic Opera House, the Long Bien Bridge, to the famous train street, you’ll learn about the colonial culture while soaking up the atmosphere of the vibrant lifestyle. Meanwhile in Saigon, we can take you on a night trip to catch a glimpse of the city that never sleeps. We will wander through various districts, nudge into narrow alleys, and visit famous food stalls of pho (beef noodle soup) and banh mi (Vietnamese baguettes). Plus, the Saigon riverside will undoubtedly impress you with the panorama view of colorful skyscrapers and numerous food vendors along the way. Don’t miss the chance to blend into the unique beat of Vietnam.

MakeYourAsia Vietnam cross country motorbike tour

Relive Top Gear trip with a cross-country tour

If you cannot choose one among various wonderful destinations in Vietnam, go for a Top Gear cross-country tour and visit them all. A cross-country tour might take up to weeks to complete; however, this action-packed journey will take you through the best roads in Asia with the freshest food from hospitable locals. Starting from the busy streets of Saigon, we ride to hilly Da Lat, where cooler climate meets smoky BBQ food. We will also head to the epic winding coastline of Nha Trang to enjoy the gorgeous ocean road lined with bamboo huts and golden sandy shores. The central part of the country will take you back in time with Hoi An ancient town and the Imperial Citadel of Hue. More jaw-dropping landscapes are to come when we ride up to the north. Here, the road weaves through river valleys enclosed by a forest of limestone pinnacles, revealing vistas of colorful rice fields and plantations. With impressive loops and curves, you will plunge into the sheer beauty of this incredible country.

MakeYourAsia off road adventures tour

Go off road to see untouched sceneries

Off-road adventures on dirt bikes enable riders to travel deep into nature of diverse topography: jungle single-tracks, rocky hillside climbs, hidden creeks, and even waterfalls. Vietnam’s Northern region offers incredible motorcycle tours through the rugged and mountainous terrain that evoke endless passion for traveling. The area is notorious among daredevil motorcyclists for its breathtaking views and winding trails through stunning landscapes. It's also home to many cultural sites and fantastic opportunities to experience firsthand the country's rich history. Join a Northern loop excursion and see for yourself the beauty of terraced fields and flower seasons in Mu Cang Chai, Sapa, Moc Chau, and many more. Besides the enchanting sceneries, you’ll also get to experience the unique highland markets such as Bac Ha market, or Phien Meo Vac market, and meet the Thai, Muong, or Tay ethnic minorities. Offroad excursions are the perfect opportunities to get away from the bustling city life and enjoy the ride to the tranquil yet mesmerizing countryside of Vietnam. However, bear in mind that these routes require drivers to be comfortable with extreme curves and leans as well as unsurfaced roads as the mountainous terrain can be steep and tricky.

MakeYourAsia rough terrain tour

Pump your adrenaline with rough terrain options

For experienced drivers, Vietnam is full of exciting, wild trails that can challenge their skills and bring them out of the comfort zones. The central highland area from Da Lat to Buon Me Thuot offers a fascinating exploration route of rocky and sandy terrain. This complex area will take you far from civilization and head to untouched, desolate regions of cannot be found elsewhere. From romantic waterfalls, mist-laden mountains, endless rubber plantations, to deserted rolling hills, the highland scenery will give you a totally different view of Vietnam. However, this trail is extremely difficult with steep ascents and descents, narrow single tracks, plastered with clay. During the wet season, the clay will get extremely slippery and muddy puddles will form everywhere, making it even more difficult to move around. It is also similar for the Cat Tien route – a wonderful offroad experience to the thick Vietnam jungle. With muddy and sandy tracks, this route brings you out of Saigon and into gravel tracks filled with banana plants. If you’re confident with your driving (and survival) skills, tackle the gorgeous trails of Vietnam’s countryside and enjoy the thrilling ride.

MakeYourAsia motorbike tour

Be a passenger and enjoy the peaceful views

Traveling through Vietnam without riding on a motorcycle is a huge loss as it’s not only the core culture but also the way to reach the most marvelous sights that neither classic tours nor self-travelers can access. But fear not if you have never ridden a motorbike before. There are various pillion motorbike tours available of all levels, from regular road trip to off-road tour, for travel enthusiasts planning to explore Vietnam. With an experienced guide/ local expert, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a safe motorbike tour while indulging in the beauty of eternal fields and local tribes. A multiday Ho Chi Minh Road tour is a great way to discover the paradise of the Central Vietnam area. Going through Hoi An, Khe Sanh, to Phong Nha, you’ll witness one of the best sceneries of Vietnam, maybe even the planet. Lush thick forests, dreamy rivers, and majestic mountains surround every twist and turn of the road, not only adding to the feel of seclusion but also forming a phenomenally beautiful drive. The route will pass many isolated ethnic minority villages that you couldn’t see every day, bringing you a sight of an authentic Vietnam.

MakeYourAsia food tour

Get a taste of Vietnam on a food trip

To all the foodies out there, we have dedicated our original food trip spreading over 2,000 kilometers to explore one of the best parts of traveling: cuisine. From south to north, you will try over 50 dishes from all parts of the country and learn to make some local delicacies while visiting the most famous attractions in Vietnam. We start our journey of new taste sensations from Saigon with some bánh xèo – Vietnamese savory pancakes – and delicious tropical fruits. Moving on to the southern coasts of Mui Ne, you will visit the local seafood market and fill your appetite with the freshest products. Coming to the spicy central, you will explore the historic old towns of Hoi An and Hue and the traditional dishes of the region, especially ones formerly served only for the imperial royals. When you reach the north of Vietnam, discover a whole range of flavors that cannot be found elsewhere. Besides the original phở and the famous Obama bún chả, the northern regions also feature the mountain regions’ cuisines of the ethnic minorities. With locally sourced produce, you won’t forget the distinct taste of salmon hot pot or buffalo meat. And of course, this awesome trip will give you some private time to rest on the beach, see the rice terraces, as well as indulge in the local cultures.

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Discover the unique Vietnam with us!

Want to know more?

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