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      MOTOtour across Vietnam  


Travel Vietnam North to South on 2 or 4 wheels!

With a landscape of forests and mountains that rolls over a thousand kilometers, Vietnam is a motorbike lover’s dream come true. Winding seaside routes, and mountainous paths, full of U-turns, leading you through mountain passes guarantee countless adrenaline rushes. Vietnam also offers incredible culture and history for those who want something more than just a wild ride. This year 2022, you have a chance to travel Vietnam North to South on 2 or 4 wheels!

About MakeYourAsia and Motopodróż

Under our Polish brand,, together with we prepared an adventurous motorbike tour for everyone, who enjoys unusual travelling styles, yet safe and comfortable at the same time. Totally independent from any timetables except our own, you will explore the best of Vietnam at a moderate pace.

Our itineraries are by definition focused on getting to know the country, interesting places, and local people and culture. The motorbike tour we present below is the first of several more planned in the motorized, group formula for 2 and 4 wheels enthusiasts - ask us for the planned dates of next editions available also in English and other languages! During our trip we travel and spend time as a group and support each other without even a trace of competition. Together with, we ensure a balance between travel time and time spent on sightseeing and learning about each region we travel through.

The motorbike tour formula

Participants reach the start point (Vietnam, Hanoi) by flight at their own expense and organization. We can provide support in the selection and purchase of airline tickets, even in group purchases - at least 10 people in a group from/to the same departure/return destination. The itinerary takes into account both your needs of adventure and relaxation. We will travel along the designated route and visit prepared attractions in a group formula, for which the organizers will provide group leaders (pilots). In accordance with their own booking declaration, participants receive means of transport in the form of motorcycles or a VAN with a driver, and a service vehicle, which will also carry the luggage.

The main tour leader will pair up with an assistant-leader for each 8-16 person group. They are responsible for efficient organization in the group, leading the group along the designated route, following the program, communication and coordination with other groups and the organizer, translation support at tourist sites and additionally, one of them will be closing the group on the motorbikes. For their own safety, participants will move in a compact group between the leading and assisting pilots. The groups will move at their own pace with assigned leaders, and group consolidation will take place in designated places (tourist attractions, accommodation, checkpoints).

Details of the Hanoi - Saigon Moto tour

Dates: 4.11.2022 - 17.11.2022 (14 days)
Formula: Motorcycle driver / VAN passenger / Mix
Group size: 8-16 people
Distance in total: about 2200km
Average 1-day distance: 130-150km
Type of trails: good quality asphalt roads, low-quality asphalt roads, gravel roads
Difficulty: 3/10 easy for VAN passengers, 6/10 moderate for motorcycle drivers with min. experience of 2 years or 5000km
Price: Price and list of included services is available on the website
Reservation: You can book the tour here!

Experience Itinerary
Day 1-2

On the first day you will arrive at the Hanoi’s airport and after completing the immigration check you will meet our guide waiting for you next to the terminal. Depending on the time of your flight we will accommodate you in a hotel near Hanoi’s old town to rest, or after a quick refreshing break we will collect our motorbikes and drive back to the city center for dinner.

We’ll let you rest after the flight before we start the second day at 8.30am, choosing a course for the Van Phuc Silk Village. This day’s route will lead you through surrounding villages and rice fields, lakes and finally - mountains. We’ll arrive at the Cuc Phuong National Park for lunch and a short trek through the jungle, after which in the evening we’ll feast on Ninh Binh’s specialties in our homestay.

Days 3-5

The third day will greet you very early because at 7am you’ll be ready to hit the road! This day might be a bit more challenging, as we’ll cover quite a demanding distance of 200km. We’ll stop at the Lo Son Pagoda in Cua Lo, where you’ll learn something new about Vietnamese Buddhist architecture. After dinner by the beach, we’ll spend a night in Cua Lo.

On the fourth day’s morning, you’ll feel enchanted with the surrounding greenery of rice fields and rubber tree plantations on our way to Phong Nha National Park. We’ll spend some time underground exploring underground rivers and caves, and we’ll have a nice walk on our way back to the hotel.

After the breakfast on the fifth day, we’ll ride the trail to the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) running along the 17th parallel and cross the bridge that was a border between North and South Vietnam. This is the first day we enter the Ho Chi Minh trail.

Days 6-9

The sixth day of our motorbike tour stands under the sign of ethnic villages and breathtaking, mountainous views. In the second part of the day, we’ll move to seaside roads on our way to Hai Van Pass, which translates to ‘the Ocean of Clouds’. The Hai Van Pass has been recognized and named by Jeremy Clarkson, the leader of the cult auto magazine "Top Gear Vietnam Special (2008)", as one of the best coastal roads in the world. It will be hard for you to choose the best part of the day, as in the evening we’ll spend time strolling around UNESCO recognized Hoi An Old Town.

Between the seventh and ninth day we’ll keep moving further along the coast of the South China Sea towards the south, passing coastal and fisherman villages, feeling fresh breeze on our faces. On the ninth day, we’ll relax on the beach, snacking on the freshest seafood you can imagine.

Days 10-12

Get ready for a very windy trail on the tenth day, because we’ll travel to Da Lat with astonishing views of the mountains. During one of the stops, you’ll learn a little bit about the last emperor of Vietnam - Bao Dai - and his magnificent residence.

Rubber, pine and tropical trees, numerous gardens and fields of industrial crops, vast tea and coffee hills will amaze you during the eleventh day. We’ll cross Dong Nai and Lam Dong provinces with Bao Loc and Prenn Passes.

The twelfth day will be our last day on motorbikes, so enjoy the last part of our journey through banana trees plantations before we enter Saigon.

Days 13-14

Finally, you will be able to have a break from driving, and will fully immerse into the stunning Mekong Delta on the thirteenth day. You’ll explore new means of transport: big boats, tuk-tuks, and sampans, and try various local food - such as the famous elephant-ear fish and durian!

On the last, fourteenth day, we’ll transfer you to the airport depending on the time of your flight back. with is our partner in this motorbike tour. As an european tour operator, they place the needs of cognitive and social tourism very high. The innovative motorized tour formula guarantees a carefully planned program, with a large intensification of the thematically diverse program points, without losing valuable time for unplanned activities. Under our Polish brand,, together with we prepared an adventurous motorbike tour for everyone, who enjoys unusual travelling styles, yet safe and comfortable at the same time. Check the itinerary above!

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