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Banh Mi Festival 2023 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

What’s inside Ho Chi Minh City’s first-ever held Bánh Mì festival?

Bread, affectionately known as 'Bánh Mì' by Vietnamese and foreigners who appreciate its unique preparation, stands as a staple in Vietnamese street cuisine. The harmonious blend of flavors and the convenience of this dish have captivated millions of food enthusiasts and admirers of Vietnamese cuisine globally, making it a culinary essential when exploring the country or any Vietnamese community abroad.

For the first time, from March 30th to April 2nd, 2023, Ho Chi Minh City organized a long-awaited bánh mì Festival, where renowned Bánh Mì houses and vendors gathered to showcase their unique flavors. Hosted at the District 1 Youth Cultural Center by the Vietnam Tourism Association, the event featured 120 different bakeries, various food suppliers from Vietnam, and international merchants.

Banh mi festival 2023
MakeYourAsia attending banh mi festival 2023

This event provides an ideal opportunity for local brands to showcase their creativity in crafting bread fillings, types of dough, baked goods, and various street dishes. The festival has garnered an impressive number of Bánh Mì enthusiasts, ranging from proud locals to intrigued foreign tourists eager to explore as many variations of this dish as possible. The inaugural bánh mì Festival estimated serving more than 50,000 visitors of different nationalities, all seeking a taste of this crispy and fragrant delight.

In addition to food-related events, the festival featured musical performances, a conference on the history and development of bánh mì, and an award ceremony to recognize top, long-standing bakery brands that have been in Vietnam for more than 50 years.

Different types of bread at banh mi festival 2023

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