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Mui Ne - The popular beachtown of Southern Vietnam

Located in Binh Thuan province, Mui Ne is one of the most sought-after beach destinations in Southern Vietnam with lovely weather, tropical beaches, and perfect geographical locations for outdoor activities such as kitesurfing and windsurfing. Imagine walking on the white sand by the shimmering blue water, basked in the golden sunshine and breezy wind, this is what Mui Ne embodies. Not to mention the local Red and White Sand Dunes. These unique, desert-like sand hills offer a surreal landscape that contrasts with the blue waters of the ocean, captivating hearts of visitors.

To reach Mui Ne, there are multiple bus services running from Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat, or Nha Trang. In general, it will take around 4 hours from these cities. As of 2024, tickets cost less than $5 if you choose regular shuttle buses, and around $6-$8 if you take sleeper buses.

The most ideal season to visit Mui Ne is from December through May – the area’s dry season. During this time, there is low chance of rainfall and high air temperatures. From June to November, it is rainy season and air humidity is very high.

The biggest highlights of this amazing beachtown would of course be the glimmering beaches and exotic nature. With endless lines of palm trees and tropical flowers decorating on the Mui Ne streets, the town portrays a unique desert vibe, different from any other Southern city. Strong winds blowing all year combined with large waves create the ideal conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing, perfect for adrenaline lovers.

Those who look for a relaxing, calm moment can always sunbathe on the golden sands, look for seashells on the shore, and enjoy the freshest seafood and other specialties of the local cuisine. All this makes Mui Ne such a popular place for a dream holiday in Asia.

Mui Ne sand dune
fishing boats of Mui Ne coast

The outskirts and surrounding areas offer delightful excursions for travelers seeking to connect with peaceful nature while gaining an authentic glimpse into the daily rhythms of local fishing village. These charming, lesser-known spots invite visitors to uncover hidden culinary gems, from fresh seafood to traditional regional dishes. Furthermore, secluded beaches and islands adorned with bushes and cacti can also provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and exploration.

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Discover Mui Ne's most interesting attractions

Kitesurfing & surfing

Mui Ne’s ultimate highlight is undoubtedly kitesurfing, a thrilling sports that might seem daunting at first but can easily be conquered with the right guidance. We recommend two friendly and professional schools, C2Sky and Surfpoint. These professional institutions offer not only a wide range of services for travelers to enjoy, but above all, qualified, professional instructors along with fully-equipped gear for any levels.

If you’re a surf enthusiast, Mui Ne boasts excellent waves and consistent wind patterns that can satisfy surfers of all levels. New to the sports? Don’t worry, the two schools mentioned above also offer surfing lessons and professional gears for you to enjoy the tropical paradise here.

Mui Ne fishing village

Fishing village

Embrace the authentic coastal charm of Vietnam by visiting the Mui Ne fishing village – a cultural gem that offers a glimpse into the daily life of a traditional fishing community. For a truly unforgettable experience, arrive early in the morning to witness the vibrant scene of hundreds of colorful boats returning to the harbor after a night out at sea. Join the bustling early morning market, where locals gather to buy and sell the freshest catch of the day. This is the perfect opportunity to capture the true spirit of Mui Ne, so make sure to bring your camera to capture these lovely moments.

Sand dunes

Did you expect a desert in Vietnam? Well, the sand dunes in Mui Ne might tell you differently. A complete opposite to the lush greenery of rice fields, the sand dunes of Binh Thuan province are remarkable natural wonders that will take you to a different world. Here, you can find the Red Sand Dunes with red and orange hues or the pristine White Sand Dunes, with both offering multiple activities to choose from. From sandboarding, ATV riding on the surreal landscapes, to simply catching the sunrise or sunset (especially if you are passionate about photography), you cannot miss this attraction when visiting Mui Ne.

Lotus Lake

Lotus Lake

In the midst of the White ‘Sahara desert’ mentioned above lies a beautiful oasis of Lotus Lake. This breathtaking haven appeared like a fairyland amidst the massive sandy hills, serving as a resting place for travelers during their explorations. This is a rare location where nature has created to bless Mui Ne with such a diverse array of landscapes. The azure water, gentle slopes of white sand, dragon fruit trees, with some touches of blooming pink lotuses, make the sight pop out of the sunny desert. In fact, Lotus Lake is a famous venue for couples to take wedding photos.

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Fairy Stream

This beautiful stream got its poetic name from the unique geological formation, streaming across a deep canyon, separating the red eroded rock formations on one side and green forest on the other. Given the special location, the flowing watercourse has a distinct reddish-orange hue that cannot be found elsewhere. Stroll along the stream’s gentle flow and get lost in the otherworldly scenery of Mui Ne fascinating natural beauty.

Fairy Stream
Ta Cu Mountain pagoda complex

Ta Cu Mountain

Discover Ta Cu Mountain, located just 60 km from Mui Ne, and surround yourself with picturesque mountain vistas. You can choose to explore the forest trails with a trek or ascend to the majestic Ta Cu pagoda complex via a scenic cable car ride. The complex showcases remarkable architecture and is home to the beautiful sleeping Buddha statue. Let the tranquil beauty of Ta Cu mountain reconnect you with nature and awaken your senses.

Po Sah Inu Cham Tower

Journey back in time with a visit to the mystic Po Sah Inu Cham Towers, a symbol of the ancient Champa Kingdom dating back to the 8th Century. Built to worship the goddess Shiva and Princess Po Sah Inu, the towers also paid homage to the bull deity Nandin and fire deity. Well-preserved and steeped in history, these relics offer invaluable insights into the region's rich cultural heritage. Explore the intricate architecture and fascinating stories behind the towers, providing a deeper understanding and appreciation of Vietnam's past. A visit to Po Sah Inu Cham Towers promises an unforgettable experience for history enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike.

Banh bot loc of Mui Ne

Mui Ne's must-try specialties

When it comes to cuisine of Mui Ne, this seaside beachtown offers a huge variety of mouthwatering specialties. Once in the area, you simply cannot miss fresh-off-the-boats seafood from the local seafood market! From crabs, scallops, fishies, to squids, sample them all! For a deeper dive into the local culinary scene, try banh canh cha ca(thick noodle soup with fish cakes), goi ca mai (mai fish salad), or banh trang mam ruoc (grilled rice paper with shrimp paste). You can also easily access different street food snacks such as banh bot loc (shrimp tapioca dumpling) or banh hon (tapioca balls with shredded coconuts) from street vendors near the sand dunes or by the beach.

Mui Ne, a captivating coastal town, offers diverse natural wonders and cultural experiences. Whether you dream of sun-soaked beaches or delving into local traditions, this former fishing village caters to all interests. Our "Across Southeast Asia" tour often concludes with a rejuvenating Mui Ne stay, but we can create a personalized itinerary just for you. Contact us for details!

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