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The Haunting of Thuan Kieu Plaza in Saigon's Chinatown

Nestled in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City's vibrant Chinatown, Thuan Kieu Plaza is a hub for commerce, cultural exchange, and intriguing history. Beyond its bustling shops and eateries, it’s also known for its enigmatic reputation as one of the most famous haunted locations in present-day Ho Chi Minh City. With a history steeped in tradition and mystery, Thuan Kieu Plaza offers visitors a unique blend of the earthly and the supernatural.

A Historical Tapestry

The plaza was established in the '90s and has become a thriving center for the local Vietnamese Chinese community. It houses a diverse array of businesses, including restaurants, boutiques, and cultural shops, contributing to its vibrant atmosphere.

Originally built in the Hong Kong style to accommodate people from Hong Kong, who were thought to leave their country when China took over Hong Kong in 1997. However, most people decided to stay in Hong Kong and never came to Saigon.

The local Chinese community did not like Hong Kong-style apartments, considering them small with low ceilings. It was said that after some years, the passageways became dark and wet, with little air, causing discomfort and health issues for the residents.

Elevators of Thuan Kieu Plaza

Supernatural Legends

Nowadays, Thuan Kieu Plaza is a lively and bustling place during the day with people visiting the shopping mall inside the plaza every day. However, at night, it takes on a contrasting character

Most of the apartments above the mall are unoccupied, adding to the eerie atmosphere. Locals and shopkeepers in the vicinity have long whispered tales of inexplicable occurrences, such as hearing people talking or footsteps in the hallways, leaving many wondering if the plaza is indeed haunted.

Some believe the reputation is due to past tragedies and history here, and the spooky stories have been spread by word of mouth amongst the locals. One well-known legend is the story of a mysterious fire that engulfed part of the plaza many years ago, claiming several lives and making it a prime candidate for paranormal activity.

Another spooky story is based on the real-life incident back in 2005 when a man killed his girlfriend and himself out of jealousy at Thuan Kieu Plaza. Their spirits have been spotted haunting around the complex by some locals.

Rumor has it some construction workers passed away due to unsafe working conditions at Thuan Kieu Plaza. The families of the workers were poorly compensated and placed a curse on the property, leading to unfortunate events around the complex. The ghosts of these construction workers are said to be roaming the plaza, scaring off potential residents and making the buildings uninhabitable.

outside of Thuan Kieu Plaza

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Fengshui compass

Bad Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice that involves arranging the environment to enhance harmony, balance, and positive energy flow. It is based on the idea that the arrangement of objects and spaces can affect the flow of energy (shui) and influence one's well-being.

Feng Shui can be applied to various aspects of life, including home design, office layout, and landscaping. By optimizing the energy flow in a space, it is believed that individuals can experience improved health, relationships, and overall well-being. While some people follow traditional guidelines, others adapt Feng Shui principles to modern living and personal preferences.

One of the rumors behind Thuan Kieu Plaza’s dark history is the omission of Feng Shui. People perceive that the plaza's design or layout has disrupted the natural flow of energy, and they may attribute unusual experiences and apparitions to this perceived imbalance.

The entire building was initially designed to resemble a ship with three chimneys meant to uplift its residents' welfare. However, a road was built straight through the building, making it look like a spear piercing the ship. According to Feng Shui, this is believed to have caused misfortune to the entire project, leaving Thuan Kieu Plaza as one of the biggest and most feared sites in Ho Chi Minh City.

Old Chinese Feng Shui Compass

Is it really haunted?

The debate about whether Thuan Kieu Plaza is truly haunted or merely a repository of ghostly tales continues. Skeptics argue that these stories are products of overactive imaginations, while believers maintain that the plaza's history and the enduring local traditions make it a perfect breeding ground for the supernatural.

Thuan Kieu Plaza's haunted reputation adds intrigue to the colorful tapestry of Saigon's Chinatown. Vietnamese Chinese culture often incorporates beliefs in spirits, ancestral reverence, and a strong connection between the living and the deceased. These beliefs lead to a heightened awareness of supernatural phenomena, contributing to the perception of a location as haunted.

Other paranormal experiences

While the veracity of the supernatural claims remains a topic of debate, the stories of ghostly encounters persist, making this bustling marketplace a site where the living and the supernatural realms coexist, shrouded in an enigmatic veil of history and tradition.

Whether you are a paranormal enthusiast or a curious traveler, a visit to Thuan Kieu Plaza is sure to leave you with a sense of mystery and wonder that transcends the everyday.

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