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Bali To Apply Tourism Fee for All Travelers 2024

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Starting Feb 14, 2024, the Bali Provincial Government will impose a tourism fee for all international visitors in efforts to protect the local customs, traditions, and nature. This international tourism levy costs 150,000 IDR (approximately 10 USD) per person and can be paid prior to arrival. Please note that this mandatory one-time entry fee applies to all visitors, regardless of arrival method (land, sea, or air). Furthermore, for every time you re-enter Bali (including from domestic destinations), you are required to pay the fee again.

There are two ways to pay the fee: on the official Love Bali website or on the Love Bali app (available on Appstore and Playstore). For seamless entry, we highly recommend travelers to make payments before departure to Bali. Once payment is made, a digital levy voucher will be sent through email; therefore, it is important to make sure the chosen email is active and valid.

Please note that this fee is separate from the Indonesia Visa fee and applies to all visitors, regardless of visa requirements. To acquire an Indonesian e-visa, visit the official site here.  

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How to pay for Bali Tourism Fee

  1. Visit the Love Bali website or download the Love Bali app
  2. Enter your personal information and travel details such as name, passport number, email, arrival date.
  3. Choose your payment method: credit card, bank transfer, or virtual account
  4. Check your email for levy voucher.
  5. Present and scan your levy voucher at checkpoints

Important Information

  1. This levy applies to every international traveler entering Bali, applicable to adults and children.
  2. The levy fee is set for all land, air, and see arrival ports of Bali. All travelers, whether arriving through domestic or international transportation, are required to pay.
  3. The mandatory fee is set in Indonesian Rupiah; however, different currencies are accepted for online transactions.

Contribution to Sustainable Tourism

As this Indonesian gem has always been a beloved travel destination, it is vital for authorities, local communities, and travelers to maintain the province’s cultural heritage as well as nature. With the increased number of tourists after the pandemic, the Bali Government has put the levy in place to protect the region’s traditions, preserve its natural beauties, elevate tourism governance and quality for tourists, and invest in public facilities and infrastructure.

Want to visit the magical island of Bali, Indonesia soon? Keep this new update in mind to ensure a smooth travel experience. If this is too overwhelming, drop all the hassle and leave the planning to us! We’ll take care of everything; all you have to do is pack your bags and go!

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