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MakeYourAsia featured on Jakubiak rozgryza Wietnam

MakeYourAsia's Tourism Director on the Polish program "Jakubiak rozgryza Wietnam"

In November 2022, our Travel Director, Mr. Adrian Zagrodski, was featured on a popular Polish program dedicated to travel and culinary exploration. With 13 years of experience in Vietnam, he serves as the ultimate guide for this journey through a land of majestic nature and exceptional local dishes that will leave visitors longing for a second taste. The show was hosted by the renowned Polish author of culinary books, Mr. Tomasz Jakubiak, alongside the Canal+ TV Crew. If you'd like to savor Mr. Tomasz’s complete trip at your own pace, the show has been broadcast on Canal+ Family and Canal+ Kitchen and is now available on the Canal+ Online App.

Ho Chi Minh City

In the first episode of this series, Tomasz discovers the flavors of Saigon (often called the capital of street food for a reason) with the help of Adrian. During his stay in this glamorous city, he explored the vibrant nightlife, where both locals and foreigners never sleep. Adrian guided the crew to the best restaurants and bars we've explored over the past years, and of course, we couldn't skip a trip to the traditional local Vietnamese market.

If you're seeking the same experience as Tomasz, our Saigon by Night tour, where you'll ride on the back of a motorbike around bustling Saigon and taste the most unforgettable local dishes is for you!

Saigon motorbike tour
Mekong delta tour

Mekong Delta

The next stop on Tomasz's culinary exploration was the Mekong Delta. This destination is cherished by foreign tourists, not just for its picturesque green landscapes but also for the richness of local cuisine and its distinctive flavors. While coconuts, fish, and seafood are abundant here, exotic fruits also play a prominent role. In this episode, we'll witness Tomasz engaging in a unique fishing method unfamiliar to us and attempting the intricate process of gutting mud catfish.


In the third episode, Tomasz ventures to the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. The city is renowned for its distinct Northern Vietnamese flavors, setting it apart from the southern region of the country. Hanoi is particularly famed for its authentic Pho. In this episode, the crew seizes the opportunity to observe the preparation of this popular dish, engage in conversations with the chef, and, of course, explore the local market. We won't reveal more, and we encourage you to watch the episode featuring Hanoi!

Hanoi tour
Sapa tour


The episode in Sapa marks the final chapter of this series. Accompanied by Tomasz and the TV crew, we journeyed to the far north, exploring life in one of the mountainous villages. The episode features an abundance of local food from the ethnic minorities and showcases breathtaking views. Special thanks to our friend, Pam from the Dzao tribe for guiding us and providing the entire crew with a memorable glimpse into the beautiful mountainous region.

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