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  • xplore the vibrant and diverse water world of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam - a place where the complex river system hidden canals carpet the landscape in a dazzling array of lush greens all year round. Here, everything is in motion, with boats, homes, and markets floating along the countless waterways that spread like arteries across the area. Let us take you on a journey to the Mekong Delta!
  • Explore the vibrant and diverse water world of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam - a place where the complex river system hidden canals carpet the landscape in a dazzling array of lush greens all year round. Here, everything is in motion, with boats, homes, and markets floating along the countless waterways that spread like arteries across the area. Let us take you on a journey to the Mekong Delta!

Mekong Delta - is it worth it?

The Mekong River is a force of nature that has been a source of life and culture in Southeast Asia for centuries. It is the longest river of the Indochina Peninsula, originating from the Tibetan Plateau and flowing through six countries—China, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam—before emptying into the East Sea (or South China Sea).

As the Mekong enters Vietnam, it cuts through the heart of the country's southern region and turns into a complex river system with hidden canals, carpeting the landscape in a dazzling array of greens all year round. Whether you’re cruising on a riverboat, exploring the banks on foot, or simply admiring the views from a hammock, the unique beauty of the Mekong never fails to impress.

One of the most remarkable things about the river is how it has shaped the lives of the people who live along its banks. The Mekong is a lifeline for millions of people, providing food, transportation, and a source of income. As you cruise downstream, you’ll observe the daily life of the Mekong’s inhabitants and of the traditional way of life that has been in place for centuries. From the small fishing villages that dot the banks, to the bustling markets and vibrant culture, the Mekong River offers a unique glimpse into the lives of the people who live along its shores.

At the heart of the Mekong Delta is Ben Tre, a city that’s stolen our hearts with its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere. We’ve designed our one-day trip to the Mekong Delta to give you the best possible experience of the region.

Mekong Delta nature

For those looking to experience the unique atmosphere of the Mekong Delta, we recommend planning a longer trip of at least 3 days. By combining different modes of transport, namely boats, buses, and wheelbarrows - you can explore many of the region's hidden gems. If you're part of a larger, organized tour, you'll still be able to get to know the place. But if you choose to plan your own individual trip, you'll be rewarded with a wealth of unique experiences.

Facts about Mekong Delta

A Brief History of Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta, often referred to as meaning "The river of Nine Dragons", is an intricate network of nine smaller branches connected by a series of canals, nourishing a delta area that spread across 13 provinces in South West of Vietnam. For centuries, the life-giving river has shaped and fertilized the surrounding areas, becoming the center of life for the local inhabitants and giving this corner of Vietnam its unique color. The Mekong Delta is also known as Vietnam's "biggest granary", producing more than half of the country's total rice production. Hence, the name "Vietnam's biggest rice bowl" was given to the land.

The Mekong Delta has been inhabited by the surrounding peoples most likely since ancient times. The kingdoms of Funan and Chenli marked their presence here, making the Mekong Delta most likely an extensive center with ports and trade channels. Noteworthy are the archaeological sites of Oc Eo and Angkor Borei (the latter in Cambodia).

Cruise along Ben Tre canals
Sampan boat operator

During the reign of the Khmer Empire (approximately in the 9th-15th centuries), this area altogether with the Southeast region of Vietnam was known as Kampuchea Krom.

Officially this area passed into the hands of the Vietnamese authorities in 1698 - under the reign of the Lords and Kings of the Nguyen Dynasty.

In the 1860s, the Mekong Delta region as part of the Indochina Peninsula was among the first to be conquered by the French. In the 1960s, it was a place of intense clashes during the Independent War, also known as the Vietnam War.

tuktuks ride through the local village
guests on sampan boats

The Mekong Delta has an impressive history that spans far beyond its current agricultural identity. During the Khmer rule until the end of the 17th century, the area was sparsely populated by Cambodians. However, later the French recognized agricultural potential of the region and began to encourage more Vietnamese to settle there. Eversince then, the Mekong Delta has become a major agricultural production area or the past 10 years and continues to thrive today.

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How to get around

Asides from covered - the most popular transportation mode to navigate the picturesque canals of the Mekong Delta, this region offers a variety of transportation options - and with us, you can experience them all firsthand!


A noteworthy point of the program is 'Xe Ba Gac' - the Vietnamese version of tuk-tuk. These local means of transportation are an attraction themselves. Going on a tuk-tuk through the regional roads is definitely a fun ride that you won't forget.

Sampan Boats

One of the most unique attractions of the Mekong Delta is its mangrove forests. These forests are some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, hosting a wide variety of wildlife and plant species. The best way to explore is to take one of the Sampan boats - long, narrow rowing boats, made of wood and bamboo.


Exploring the Mekong Delta by motorcycle or bicycle is a great way to see the region up close and personal. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even take control of your route and explore the area on your own!

Vietnamese tuktuk - xe ba gac

Tuk tuk

sampan boats

Sampan boats

bicycle ride through local villages


Attractions of Mekong Delta

mekong delta attractions
Our trips to this incredible region are packed with incredible sights and experiences. Our top four must-visit destinations are Ben Tre, Tra Su, Can Tho and Chau Doc - each of these places offers something unique that is sure to inspire you. From the lush paddy fields to the vibrant local cultures, you’re sure to have an unforgettable journey.

Mekong Delta Cuisine

Every trip to Mekong Delta with us features mouth-watering feasts, serving you exclusive regional delicacies.

  • Ca tai tuong chien xu - deep-fried giant gourami or elephant ear fish - never fails to capture the spotlight of our trip. Prepare to be mesmerized with the exquisite presentation on the dining table. The entire body of this big fish is preserved and then deep fried, leaving the skin extremely crunchy and flavorful. We cannot recommend this dish enough!
  • Coconuts! Did you know that Mekong Delta is famous for its coconut candy? It's a must to visit a coconut candy workshop to learn how it's made and of course, to eat this incredibly yummy treat. But that's not all! There are more interesting parts of this plant that you can eat and craft. Find out when you visit these lovely workshops.
elephant ear fish
  • As an exotic agricultural paradise, the region offers the opportunity to enjoy succelent tropical fruits straight from the trees. From rambutan, logan, jackfruit, to durian, you'll get to try a variety of these juicy creations.
  • Bun mam is another delicacy not to be taken lightly - it is a fermented fish noodle soup with a zesty flavor and distinct aroma. The fermented fish ingredient might scare you off; however, it brings out an amazing taste from the dish.

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Mekong river cruise

Mekong Delta crafts

Curious about the delightful souvenirs awaiting you in this enchanting region? Rest assured, we've got you covered! We have here a list of items that you can bring home a piece of the charming Mekong Delta. From freshly picked fruits, traditional craft products, find the perfect memento and cherish the essence of the Mother River region.

coconut candy workshop

Mekong Delta Weather

If you're considering a trip to the Mekong Delta, it's best to plan your visit during the dry season, which runs from October to early May. However, don't let that stop you from visiting during the rainy season either, as Asian countries can be quite charming during that time. Although you'll need to be prepared for daily afternoon rains, these don't usually last very long.

coconuts of mekong delta

  • Tour around the coconut candy manufacturers and pick up some of this chewy treat. There are plenty of flavors to try, so get ready and try them all!
  • As we mentioned before, coconuts are extremely versatile. Fall in love with all the crafty products that the talented craft artists create from their own home. Grab some handmade bowls, clutches, or paintings to save memories of your trip.
  • Renowned for being the powerhouse for tropical fruits, Mekong Delta possesses vast areas of fruit orchards and vegetable farms. This is the chance to live your tropical dream, go pick some fruits straight from the trees, and taste the juiciest pieces you can find!

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