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A Full Day Excursion in Ho Chi Minh City

Spend a day discovering many sides of the most vibrant city of Vietnam

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  • Trip Type

    Privately organized - Minimum 2 guests

  • Duration

    1 Day

  • Starting Location

    Ho Chi Minh City 

  • Ending location

    Ho Chi Minh City 

  • Country


  • Price

    Each trip is priced individually - trips differ in the number of people, selected hotels, and attractions

Capture the authenticity of Saigon

Spend a day with us in Ho Chi Minh City and get to know the different faces of the metropolis that never sleeps. In this largest city of Vietnam, you’ll find the richness in colors, flavors, and architecture. Embrace the city's essence with visits to Chinatown, War Remnants Museum, a double-decker bus ride, and many more activities. 

Every corner you encounter will have something astounding awaiting your discovery. Join us on this adventure as we explore all the amazing attractions, soak in the one-of-a-kind atmosphere, and have a taste of the city’s sensational delicacies.

What's included

  • Transfer from the hotel in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Attractions mentioned in the program
  • Entrance tickets to the listed attractions
  • Rickshaw ride
  • English-speaking guides

What's not included

  • Private travel insurance
  • Visas to Vietnam
  • Flight tickets
  • Tips
  • Personal expenses
  • Drinks during meals

Experience Highlights

  • Ride the rickshaw through the bustling city center
  • Use public transport to experience authentic Saigon
  • Visit Saigon's vibrant Chinatown, getting to know all the interesting corners
  • See the postcolonial city center with its Notre Dame Cathedral and Central Post Office 
  • Discover Vietnam's history at the War Remnants Museum
  • Soak in the energetic nightlife from a double-decker bus
  • Indulge in Vietnam's deletable culinary scene with our meals during the tour
eating Saigon street food



We will start at 08:00am to have a full day exploring the city. To start off our wonderful morning, let’s go on a rickshaw ride around the most iconic landmarks in the city center. This special journey will take you through the busy streets, green parks, and a line-up of modern and historic buildings. Our route will allow you to see the gorgeous colonial buildings, including the notable Saigon Post Office, the Notre Dame Cathedral, as well as the historic Independence Palace. With this rickshaw experience, you can easily blend in with the ordinary vibe of the locals, feeling the heartbeat of the city. From here, we will move to the bus stop for the next phase of our adventure.


Experience the daily life of city dwellers with a public bus ride! Learn how a bus ride here works, starting from stopping a bus, buying a ticket from the driver assistant/ticket person, to watching who rides buses in a city full of motorbikes. From here, we will get to know the beautiful and iconic Chinatown of Ho Chi Minh City. 

Does the idea of a second breakfast sound promising? Of course we have to try the delectable Chinese cuisine at one of our favorite local diners. After we have filled up our stomachs, let’s explore the neighborhood on foot. We will stop by Cha Tam Church (Church of Saint Francisco Xavier), Binh Tay Market – one of the biggest markets in Saigon, the Traditional Medicine Street, and then the 19th-centrury Buddhist Temple of Quan Am. And while we’re in the area, we will also pay a visit to Thuan Kieu Plaza, a notorious ghost building, to learn about its story as well as try Vietnamese-style Nel Drip coffee there.

This Chinatown discovery experience will last around four hours and then we will catch another bus back to the city center.


After leaving the hustle and bustle of Chinatown, we will now explore the War Remnants Museum. This significant landmark holds thousands of photos, documents, and artifacts that provides insights into the First and Second Indochina Wars. Gain a deeper understanding about Vietnam’s remarkable resilience throughout history and the multifaceted nature of armed conflicts in the country. After concluding tour at the museum, we will return to the hotel for a short rest before the evening activities.


As the night falls, the city lights up in a wide array of colors, street food stalls pop up like mushrooms around the city center, and locals eagerly start to go out. Let's go for a sightseeing ride around the city on a double-decker bus so you can fully take in the lively nightlife of Saigon. Get ready to hit the streets of Saigon and explore the city with a unique perspective.

We hope that all the activities have kept you hungry and craving for some delicious Vietnamese dishes. We’re excited to take you to our favorite local restaurant, where you’ll try some mouthwatering grilled dishes and hot pot. It’s the ultimate culinary combination here in Vietnam! Through this intimate meal, get to know Vietnam's flavorful cuisine and dining etiquettes. 

Interested in exploring more of Southern Vietnam? Worry not as we are more than happy to show you the serene Mekong Delta – the rice bowl of Vietnam or the historic Cu Chi Tunnels. Send us a message today to make the most out of your time in Vietnam!    

Cha Tam Church
Dim sum in Saigon Chinatown
Binh Tay market - Cho Lon
War Remnants Museum
BBQ dinner in Saigon
Independence Palace

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